Faculty of Nursing Wins Best Website Competition

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UNAIR Rector presenting the challenge trophy to Vice Dean III Faculty of Nursing (FKp) (Photo: Defrina Sukma)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga has presented other awards to academicians and units which have manage their official websites and blogs well. They were presented by UNAIR Rector and the Director of Information System to each winner in Plenary Room, on Tuesday, January 17.

The awards were given to 18 winners from four categories. The winners were from faculties, departments, academicians and students. The four categories are best websites for faculty/unit/institution, best department website, best academicians’ blog, and best student blog.

For best faculty/unit/institution websites, the first place was Faculty of Nursing (http://ners.unair.ac.id), the second place was Faculty of Psychology (http://psikologi.unair.ac.id), and the third place was Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (http://fisip.unair.ac.id).

For the best department websites, Department of Management won the first place (http://manajemen.feb.unair.ac.id), the second place was  Department of Chemistry (http://kimia.fst.unair.ac.id), and the third place was Department of Economic Studies (http://ie.feb.unair.ac.id).

For best academician’s blogs, the winners in order were Dr. Purnawan Basundoro, S.S., M.Hum (Faculty of Humanities), Nove Eka Variant Anna, S.Sos., MIMS (FISIP), and Dr. Suparto Wijoyo, SH., M.Hum (Faculty of Law ).

For the best student’s blogs, the winners were Sri Harini Wijayanti (FISIP), Amalia Mastur (FISIP), Helmi Akbar D (FISIP), Yohanes Putra (FISIP), Elly Raheliyawati (FIB), Sacharissa (FK).

The scoring was based on six parameters, four of them were from Webometrics ranking standards, presence (total of web pages and academic files) visibility (total of backlinks related to subdomain), openness (scientific content transparency based on citation of Google Scholar), excellence (scientific content richness and citated in other websites’ articles), content (articles update, news and information in faculty website) and web design (service features and design match with the pre-determined template).

Director of Information System, Eko Supeno, M.Si., in his address said that this was still 30 percents of academicians routinely updating their contents of the blogs. In the future, we have plan to encourage all academicians to start blogging.

“We expect these blogs to improve our webometrics,” said Eko.

Para pemenang lomba web dan blog terbaik. (Foto: Defrina Sukma)

The winners of best websites and blogs. (Photo: Defrina Sukma)

UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak, expressed his appreciation to participants who have routinely update information through their official websites. Nasih also expected them to keep doing it in order to follow the information development in this digital era.

“Ideas can no longer be presented through horses or even need physical attendance. The good phenomena of ideas should be shared to the world. The program and faculty must actively encourage their students to do it. Universitas Airlangga must keep flowing unlimited ideas and it should be done massively,” said Nasih.

Faculty of Nursing (FKp) represented by Vice Dean III Dr. Ahmad Yusuf, S.Kp., M.Kes said that his unit has updated routinely the information in faculty official page. The page is full of news, research articles, or information needed by the academician such as judicium, academic calendar, and student creativity program proposal submission period. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor : Faridah Hari

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