UNAIR Nursing Master Program Community Service Events Pursuant to Dikti’s Regulation

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Head of Nursing Master program FKp UNAIR Dr. Tintin Sukartini, SKp., M.Kes (middle front) during event opening in RSJ Menur. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Head of Nursing Master program of Faculty of Nursing (FKp) Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Tintin Sukartini, SKp., M.Kes., explained that series of community service events held by the program for the last semester in 2016 were pursuant to SK Dikti which says that students of bachelor and master program should be involved in research and community service.

”All this time, master program student have been involved only to academic routines, after their thesis, it’s over, they graduate. But not now, with Dikti’s regulation, they must be involved in lecturers’ research and community services,” Dr. Tintin Sukartini, during interview in RSJ Menur.

Series of community service events since September, was started in Dupak Bandarejo, Surabaya. Then followed with Hall of RW IV Dupak Bangunsari on November 8, RS PHC on November 24. In the beginning of December 2016, there was the Nursing master program event RW V Dupak Bangunsari themed “Perilaku Kecendekiawanan Sosialisasi dan Optimalisasi Program Bank Sampah”. Then followed with a community service in Kelurahan Dalpenang, Kab. Sampang, Sabtu, December 10 and finally in RSJ Menur on December 20.

From the start of the program, master students have been informed that they must join research and community service program, so in the end of 2016, community services have been done well by four different interests of Nursing. They were Medical Surgery Nursing, mental Nursing, Community Nursing and Nursing Management. They have their own community service event.

Tintin appreciated positively for students from Mental Nursing as the program which was only with 19 students could hold two events in a month. The first community service was held in Rumah Sakit Primasatya Husada Citra (PHC), on November 24 with “Meningkatkan Caring Perawat Melalui Pelaksanaan Asuhan Keperawatan (Askep) Psikososial pada Penyakit Kronis di Rumah Sakit”. Then the second was held in a seminar in RSJ Menur 20 Desember 2016 with ”Peran Perawat Jiwa pada Lansia untuk Hari Tua yang Sejahtera.”

”Mental Nursing was amazing, it was the first one and they do not have any example from their seniors, but they were able to organize two community service events with quite big scale. The events were not only useful for the colleagues, but also for a lot of people,” said Tintin.

Students have been briefed at first that in two years they must have special targets regarding their competence, so they have to plan their programs. Then, the management of the program just needs to observe and direct them so  they can finish on time (two years).

Regarding the cost on the events, there was some aid from the faculty and the students got their own funding, such as collaborating with Indonesian Nurses Association (PPNI). With PPNI support, the community service ran well and held free of charge. Therefore, there were a lot of participants and it was quite successful.

As the Head of the program, Tintin hoped that all University Tridarma ran well, so the students can be graduated on time with excellent quality. Furthermore, publication target should be achieved either from accredited international journal or Scopus indexed journals.

“Our target now is how to support students so they can finish their studies well, on time and produce publications pursuant to university regulation,” said Dr. Tintin Sukartini, SKp., M.Kes. (*)

Author : Bambang Bes

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