FK Student Appointed Director of IFMSA Asia Pacific

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Satria Nur Sya’ban a student of FK UNAIR 2012. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Wide experience in organizations has done Satria Nur Sya’ban well as he was appointed as the Chairman of Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities (CIMSA) which is national level medical student organization and just recently, he was also appointed as the regional Director of International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA) for Asia Pacific.

His appointment was through a summit and a voting session from various federation members in Puebla, Mexico. After being inaugurated as the Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Satria then scheduled some activities to organize throughout 2017.

“Some of the activities for this year are Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, WHO Regional Committee for Southeast Asia,” he said.

For FK UNAIR 2012student, being the director of IFMSA for Asia Pacific is an opportunity to advocate youth participation in making decisions, communicating aspirations or IFMSA members at international forum as well as to build a connection for IFMSA and some other member countries.

“Asia Pacific IFMSA members are Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Japan, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Thailand, The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong,” he explained.

As the executive official for Asia Pacific region, Satria is trusted to coordinate and facilitate activities and development of each country’s organization affiliated with IFMSA, and to ensure the national organizations can use best opportunities provided by IFMSA.

Moreover, the man born on January 16 was also a focal person for IFMSA external presentation is they have events in Asia Pacific region, which is the same with Southeast Asia and Western Pacific region of World Health Organization (WHO) regional division.

For his first experience, Satria admitted that he assumes the position until September 2017. He believed that the best advantage got from IFMSA was the experience, experience of visiting various countries in a year, gathering with fellow professional doctors as well as gathering with colleagus with the same passion to improve the world’s health.

“There’s happiness and worries too. I’m glad that my efforts and experience have finally given me this opportunity but I also worry as my skills are not that excellent. But I stay optimistic, all preparation and experience of CIMSA President can help me to do my tasks now,” he said.

In his opinion, there are not specific criteria for the candidates to be assume the position, but organization, communication and diplomacy skills are need and also a clear master plan to make Asia Pacific Region towards better future.

“I hoped that I could help medical students either from Indonesia or other countries so they always have basics, skills and concerns towards issues and healthcare system weakness or humanity problems around us,” he said.

Author: Sefya Hayu

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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