Yon Koeswoyo and B-Plus Band Satisfies Alumni in FH UNAIR Reunion

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The duet of father and son with B-Plus Band during the reunion

UNAIR NEWS – Having fun in a nostalgic atmosphere on Saturday night with Koes Plus songs is an interesting experience. Romantic expressions seen from hundreds of Faculty of Law alumni  and other faculties’ alumni in Universitas Airlangga. They held a reunion and invited Yon Koeswoyo and David Koeswoyo, with B-Plus Band, in Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya, Saturday night, January 1.

The night to release their longing to other Alumni Association Faculty of Law  (IKA-FH) UNAIR was also attended by UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Moh Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA and wife. Vice Rector I Prof. Joko Santoso, dr., Sp.PD-KGH., PhD., FINASIM, Vice Rector IV Junaidi Khotib, S.Si., M.Kes., Ph.D., M.Sc., Head of IKA-UA Drs. Ec. Haryanto Basyuni.

Among hundreds of FH UNAIR alumni, there was Dr. H. Dossy Iskandar Prasetyo, General Secretary of DPP Partai Hanura and a member of House of Representatives from Election area III East Java.  Dossy, FH 1982 alumni came with his wife, Yayuk S. Oetami, who was also FH alumni and former UNAIR educational staff. There was also General Secretary of IKA-UA and former acting regent of Bojonegoro,  Dr. Akmal Budianto, SH.

Until the end of the event at 22.00, 33 Koes Plus songs were performed and entertained the reunion of FH UNAIR. To start the show at 20.30, B-Plus Band, one of the bands covering Koes Plus and Koes bersaudara, played “Muda-Mudi”, Koes Plus‘ hit. Then Acil (keyboard), Ferry (guitar), Ipin (bass) and Mamen (drums) continued with six other songs: Oh Kasihku, Diana, Pagi Yang Indah, Dewi Rindu, and Mamen as Murry (the late drummer of Koes Plus) sang “Desember”.

In the next session, David Yon Koeswoyo made a performance. David is the second son of Yon from the first wife, Damiana Susi (divorced). The vocalist of Koes Plus’ members sons band, “Yunior” started his performance with “Nusantara V”, then followed by Oh Kau Tahu (Koes Bersaudara), Tul Jaenak, Ojo Nelongso (Pop Jawa), Oh Kasihan, Jemu, and ended with Nusantara 1 (satu).

David then took a rest, his father, Yon Koeswoyo, continued the performance. The sixth son of the late. R. Koeswoyo and Rr. Atmini lastnamed Koesyono went to the stage. The man born in Tuban (East Java) September 27, 1940 started with Pelangi and followed with Why Do You Love Me. The audience soon sang along the hits which has been in top chart of Australian music scene, and defeated the Bee Gees. Almost all of them sang along.

YON Koeswoyo and David taking pictures with alumni UNAIR (Photo: Bambang Bes)

The next songs were Buat Apa Susah and Telaga Sunyi. The guitarist of Koes Plus before singing always shared some stories about Koes Plus and the songs. He called David for a duet in Ayah. They then performed fifteen songs of Koes Plus. Such as Bus Sekolah, Bunga di Tepi Jalan, Bahagia dan Derita (by request), Kembali (Koes Bersaudara). In Andai Kau Datang Kembali, the audience sang along again.

“Now, I’ll let David sing a song which was popular with Yunior: Bujangan,” said Yon. David then sang the song amusingly with Yunior special arrangement. Then, it was followed by Javanese pop Kontal Kantil, and a pop song Layang-layang, and the most popular on Indonesian wealth: Kolam Susu.

The duet continued with medley of Nusantara songs, such as Nusantara VIINusantara VI, Nusantara III and Nusantara 1. Before they went back to Jakarta they also sang “Kembali ke Jakarta” first before saying farewell through a song,  “Kapan-kapan”“Kapan-kapan kita bertemu lagi…” that was a line from the song.

After the show, both stars of the show were hunted by the alumni for having pictures together. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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