Studies ‘Macaranga’, Eva Marliana Graduated Best From S-3 FST UNAIR

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Best graduate S-3 FST, Eva Marliana, graduated with GPA 3.96. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – The condition of East Kalimantan which is endemic with Malaria made Eva Marliana study it for her dissertation of her PPDN scholarship Kemenristek Dikti. The dissertation also made her be appointed as the best graduate of  Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Universitas Airlangga doctoral program (S-3) with 3.96 GPA.

The majority of Dayak tribe population in East Kalimantan still use natural resources as traditional medicine. Her topic of dissertation is to improve the potentials of East Kalimantan through Macaranga as herbal medicine. Her dissertation was titled “Hubungan Struktur Senyawa Flavonoid Macaranga Kalimantan terhadap Aktivitas Antioksidan dan Antiplasmodial”.

Her high GPA was because of her hardwork and discipline. Those values also imprinted well in FST UNAIR. She adopted them and implemented them in Universitas Mulawarman, where she works.

“The spirit of students and lecturers are the motivation in this study. Students here never give up even with a lot of assignments,” said the mother of two children.

As a mother, she is able to motivate and inspire her children. Her biggest motivation is to present the best gift for her parents. They hoped that Eva could study further even they were only graduated from Elementary School.

Eva was born in a military family so discipline was imprinted since childhood. She has made a lot of achievements since SD, such as be an ace student from SD to SMA. She was active in Pramuka and used to be OSIS Head inSMP, Outstanding Student of SSMP in Padang, champion of 100 m and 200m dash and represented Padang in West Sumatera. She was also known as “Eva, the Little Commander”.

Beside being an academician in UNMUL, a mother and a wife is her main roles. Every Friday, she goes home from Samarinda to Nganjuk and once in a month to Malang. It is routinely done so her children’s education can be controlled. (*)

Author: Disih Sugianti
Editor: Binti Quryatul Masruroh

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