Best Graduate of FKH, Diyah, Finishes Bachelor and Master Program in Five Years

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Diyah Ayu Candra, drh., M.Vet, was appointed as the best graduate of FKH UNAIR Master program with GPA 3.93.

UNAIR NEWS – Diyah Ayu Candra, drh., M.Vet, has finished her studies in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Airlangga in quite short period. She has done her profession and master program in one and a half year. And finally, she was appointed as the best graduate of FKH UNAIR Master program with GPA 3.93.

“In the first and second semester, I took Veterinary Medicine Profession program. So it is like I did a double degree of Profession and Master program until March 2016,” said Diyah.

With relatively short period of study, the alumnus of SMA Negeri 2 Sidoarjo must be able to manage her time well as she had a lot of tasks and assignments. Outside campus, she worked as a private lesson teacher for SD, SMP and SMA.

“I want to train my confidence when teaching and implementing my knowledge. I want to be a lecturer,” said the woman from Sidoarjo.

Her struggle to finish her studies was challenging. She often got only rest for three hours as she had to work on her thesis. She worked really hard to revise her work given by the supervising lecturer and her thesis examiners.

“I tried to revise the thesis as best as I could. I did my best to make use of all suggestions from my supervising lecturers and examiners as they have more experience. I slept only for three hours so I could finish it fast. It was on a daily basis. But I learn from it, Allah gives me trials for my patience,” said Diyah.

In her research titled “Correlation of Production Management System with Milk Cow Farming Business Feasibility of Sidoarjo’s Milk Cooperative Member”, she studied the pattern of cow farming business. She believed that their business failure was caused by the management. In the future, after she finishes master program, she wants to be a lecturer and start a business on milk processing to produce high economic value products.

Diyah shared her tips that students must focus to their main objective when they continue studies. Beside good time management, there should be clear plans and targets. “Make your clean plan and target and commit to achieve it on time,” said the woman born in Sidoarjo, May 27 1993.

For her profession and master studies, Diyah has prepared a title since she was in the second semester. She had her thesis proposal review in the beginning of third semester. The research was finished in two months. “Alhamdulillah I could do the thesis exam before the judicium,” she said. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Defrina S. S.

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