Atik Qurrota A’yunin, ISMKMI Secretary, Graduated Best from FKM UNAIR

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ATIK Qurrota A’yunin Al Isyrofi, the best graduate of UNAIR FKM bachelor program. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – There are still many problems in East Java regarding infants’ nutrition. Statistically it is close with the cut off point so it is serious. Nutrition is an important factor which determines the human resources’ quality.

In some cities such as Surabaya, nutrition problems related to food security is found in the slum areas as it is triggered by unhealthy life style.

The topic was studied by Atik Qurrota A’yunin Al Isyrofi in her thesis which made her appointed as the best graduate of FKM Universitas Airlangga bachelor program in December 2016 graduation. Her The girl with 3.84 GPA wrote her thesis titled “Corellation between parenting and household food security to infants’ nutrition (2-5 years old) in slum area of Bulak Sub-district, Surabaya.”

The national activist born in Gresik, December 18 1995, was able to finish her thesis on time. As the Deputy of General Secretary of Indonesian Public Health Senate Association (ISMKMI), Atik must manage her time well between her organization activity and her research. At that time, she even had to make trips under the heat of the sun in fasting month.

Atik success in finishing her research was also because of her parents’ support. The girl keen on traveling was a hard worker and she does not want to stay idle enjoying her parents’ wealth.

“I had to work harder to manage and adjust the time. But it was not that hard because of the supports from my parents, brothers and my supervising lecturer who is patient and concern with me, even my bestfriends accompanied me in my research,” said the girl.

In the future, Atik hoped her recommendation from her research result can be used by the stakeholders and local administration. “I really hope that this research can be developed with greater spectrum and more detailed,” she said.

She said to her juniors that campus is a place to train self before going to the society. “So don’t be big in campus but small in society. Or be heroes in campus but be hostage in the society. Campus is a place to train, and society is the warzone. Take advantage from it!” she said. (*)

Author: Lovita Marta Fabella
Editor: Dilan Salsabila.

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