Rector Delivers Beginning of Year Message

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UNAIR Rector with all officials during a discussion in Garuda Mukti Hall, Tuesday, January 1. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

UNAIR NEWS – Starting 2017, UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak, briefed all educational staffs and officials in the management of the university. It was held in Garuda Mukti Hall, Management Office Building, Tuesday, January 3.

In his address, UNAIR Rector appreciated the staffs and officials’ hardwork throughout 2016. The service satisfaction score last year has gone over the target which was at 3.25 and the target for this year is 3.60.

In academics, the accredited A programs reached 54 percents. For 2017, it becomes 70 percents. In publications, the target for Scopus indexed publication was 200 and the target for 2017 was increased at 400.

The employees’ performance in the management is expected to support the academic process in university or faculties, such as for documents or paper work. They are expected to ease up the bureaucratic work involving the academicians. Therefore, for the operational process, the employees and officials should based their quality policy based on BEST. It is based on morality, excellent (academic, research, and community development), strong academic culture, and target oriented.

“We all should work based on morality. If the clock shows 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it is time to go home. But if there is a job we need to finish that day and we still go home at 4, it violates morality,” said Prof. Nasih.

Furthermore, UNAIR Rector reminded us that every job is oriented in target. He provided an example, that if in 2017 UNAIR has a target to win National Student Science Week (PIMNAS), therefore all working units are expected to make it a success.

“For example, when we want to be the first winner, it was not  only the Directorate of Student Affairs but also involved Directorate of Finance, Directorate of Education,” said Rector.

In the end of the address, UNAIR Rector also established integrity zone in UNAIR. It includes all staff and officials to work and serve sincerely. Second, not to lie, deceive, corrupt and illegal levies. Third, we should serve and perform more innovatively, efficient and effective. Fourth, work and serve more productively and blessed.

“Innovation is needed to do the work. Leave the old habits,” said UNAIR Rector.

Beside UNAIR Rector, the event was attended by all staff and educational staff. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor : Faridah Hari

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