BEM FEB UNAIR Holds Fun Walk in Batu

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BEM FEB UNAIR 2016 with Sobat BEM during farewell trip. (Photo: Siti Umami)

UNAIR NEWS – A term of administration is not only about time span but the process to grow. For this farewell event, Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) had a concept to appreciate the process. The new and old administration of BEM FEB UNAIR  held a farewell trip in Batu.

The cold atmosphere of Batu brought freshness for them. The committee, Sobat BEM has prepared some activities for three days from December 26 to Decmber 28, 2016 in Villa Hamsa, Batu.

Sebelum berangkat jalan sehat seluruh peserta melakukan senam bersama. (Foto: Siti Umami)
Before starting the fun walk they had morning calisthenics.(Photo: Siti Umami)

On Tuesday, December 27, the committee held a fun walk and lucky draw event. The route for the faun walk was among the green of the fields, oranges garden and people’s housing. In the evening they had another interesting activity.

All of the participants were sitting around the pool with candles lighting. The Head of BEM FEB 2016, M. Rusdinal, the officials (BPH), and some staff shared their experiences.

They were moved by the atmosphere, tears were shed. They held hands and connected each other. Rusdinal expressed his gratitude for their synergy in implementing their programs in his term.

“Thank you for all members of Sobat BEM who organized this interesting event. Hopefully Sobat BEM, staff and deputy of the previous administration can support the next one,” said Rusdinal.

Rizky Ananda Putra as the head of the committee also the staff of Human Resources Development BEM FEB agreed on it. “There are a lot of things we learn together during the term. Learning how to organize an event. From it, we can gain values to upgrade ourselves,” he said.

Beside Rizky, Indah of the Prosperity staff of BEM FEB hoped that the event held in Batu should not be a farewell event but an introduction so they have strengthened ties.

“Now, we are no longer work under the same roof, but this is not goodbye. It makes us know each other so we can be a family,” said Indah.

 BEM FEB UNAIR 2016, together work and inspire!

Author: Siti Nur Umami
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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