UNAIR Kaleidoscope 2016: TEVAR Operation, Research Collaboration, Professors’ Inauguration

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UNAIR NEWS – Throughout 2016, academicians of Universitas Airlangga have held more than a thousand activities, either at program, department, or university level.  The events held were educational events, research and community services.

Here’s the highlights of 2016:


Rector of Universitas Airlangga inaugurated 52 new officials in university and faculties on Tuesday, January 12 in Garuda Mukti Hall, Management Office Building. UNAIR also established two new institutions, Professional Certification Board and Stem Cell Development and Study Center.

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Dr. Tze Tec Chong (the right) giving instruction to dr. Niko (the left), Prof. Puruhito (second from the left) and dr. Yan (with batik cap) during surgery with TEVAR method. (Photo:UNAIR NEWS)

Universitas Airlangga Hospital performed  an operation to a patient with aneurysm (aortic blood vessel expansion) named Nurul Aminah, 55, Friday, January 15, with a new method in cardiovascular surgery, Thoracic Endo-vascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR).

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UNAIR Rector with some officials inspected the site in North Gresik for Campus E UNAIR development, Wednesday, February 24. UNAIR visiting group was accepted by President Director of Polowijo Gosari Group.

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Rektor UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak. (Tiga berdiri depan dari kiri), bersama para pimpinan UNAIR yang lain mengunjungi Polowijo Gosari, Gresik, Rabu (24/2). (Foto: Istimewa)
Rector of UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak. (third from the left), with other UNAIR high officials visiting Polowijo Gosari, Gresik, Wednesday February 24. (Photo: Special)

For transparency and public accountability, UNAIR Rector led the official wealth report (LHKPN) form filling on Tuesday, February 23.

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Faculty of Medicine (FK) relief and emergency team, students and alumni supported flooding casualties in Sampang February 29, March 2 and march 5 respectively.

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Sivitas UNAIR berfoto bersama saat menyerahkan bantuan kepada para korban banjir di Sampang (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
Civitas UNAIR giving relief aid to Sampang flood victims (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

Board of Trustees (MWA) Assembly of eleven state universities acting as legal entity (PTN-BH) held for two days on March 17-18, 2016 has resulted to a communiqué.

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Lecturers of Faculty of Nursing (FKp) with Faculty of Nursing (FKp) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) cooperated with 14 nursing education institutions to hold international nursing conference,  ‘The 7th International Nursing Conference: Global Nursing Challenge in Free Trade Area’. The conference was held in Garuda Mukti Hall, UNAIR Management Building, on Friday, April 8 and it was attended by 325 participants.

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Wakil Rektor IV UNAIR Junaedi Khotib, S.Si., M.Kes., Ph.D., Apt., saat memberikan sambutan pada konferensi internasional bertajuk ‘The 7th International Nursing Conference: Global Nursing Challenge in Free Trade Area’, di Aula Garuda Mukti, Kampus C, UNAIR (Foto: Binti Q. Masruroh)
Vice Rector IV UNAIR Junaedi Khotib, S.Si., M.Kes., Ph.D., Apt., giving speech in the conference in Garuda Mukti Hall, Campus C, UNAIR (Photo: Binti Q. Masruroh)


Universitas Airlangga was trusted to host the meeting between nine universities of East Java and six universities from West Australia on Tuesday May 3 in Kahuripan Hall 301, which was attended by West Australian Minister of Education, Peter Collier MLC.

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Suasana pertemuan PTN Australia Barat dan PTN di Jatim (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
The meeting between representatives of universities in East Java and West Australia (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)


Doctors and students of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) evacuated the stranded whales in Probolinggo on Wednesday and Thursday, June 15 and 16.

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Perwakilan dari FKH UNAIR turut serta dalam proses evakuasi paus terdampar di perairan Probolinggo. (Foto: Istimewa)
Representatives of FKH UNAIR contributed in the evacuation process of the stranded whales in Probolinggo. (Photo: Special)


Committee III of Indonesian Regional Representatives Council (DPD RI) held a seminar to review validity sexual violence eradication draft bill in Kahuripan Hall Campus C UNAIR on Thursday July 21.

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Para Pakar Hukum di Seminar Uji Sahih RUU Tentang Kekerasan Seksual. (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
Legal experts in the review validity sexual violence draft bill seminar. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)


UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak., has affirmed 6726 bachelor and vocational freshmen. It was held in Airlangga Convention Center on Thursday August 18. It was attended by Ignasius Jonan, while the closing event of freshmen orientation program (PPKMB) was attended by Minister of Social Affairs Khofifah Indar Parawansa. Both are alumni of UNAIR.

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Para Pimpinan yang hadir dalam pertemuan dengan tim evaluasi Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi di Ruang Sidang Pleno, Jumat (12/8). (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
High ranked officials attending in a meeting with evaluating team of General Directorate Higher Education (Dirjen Dikti) in the plenary room, on Friday, August 12. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

To evaluate the program of World Class University, a team from Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI) had a meeting with UNAIR officials, on Friday, August 12.

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Universitas Airlangga was chosen as the pioneer of graft prevention and handling on good governance aspect by Transparency International Indonesia (TII) and International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID) on Thursday, September 15, attended by commissioner of KPK and the Head of Presidential Office.

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Dadang Trisasongko (Sekjen TII), Alexander Marwata (Komisioner KPK), dan Nasih (Rektor UNAIR) sesaat usai acara Seminar dan Deklarasi: Komitmen Pengendalian Konflik Kepentingan dalam Upaya Pencegahan Korupsi dan Perluasan Integritas di Indonesia. (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
Dadang Trisasongko (General Secretary of TII), Alexander Marwata (Commissioner of KPK), and Nasih (UNAIR Rector) after the seminar and declaration of Conflict of Interests Control Commitment in Efforts of Graft Prevention and Integrity Reinforcement in Indonesia (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)


There were 236 UNAIR research titles assessed and evaluated by six external reviewer appointed by Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI) from October 27-29, 2016.

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Dari kiri, Prof. Dr. Hotman Siahaan, Drs., Dr. Suparto Wijoyo, SH., M.Hum, Prof. Drs. Ramlan Surbakti, M.A., Ph.D, dan Prof. Dr. Djoko Mursinto, S.E., M.Ec dalam Inovasi Guru Besar Rabu (19/10). (Foto: Alifian Sukma)
From the left, Prof. Dr. Hotman Siahaan, Drs., Dr. Suparto Wijoyo, SH., M.Hum, Prof. Drs. Ramlan Surbakti, M.A., Ph.D, and Prof. Dr. Djoko Mursinto, S.E., M.Ec during Professors’ Innovation Exposition on Wednesday, October 19. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

Three UNAIR professors presented their views on Democracy anda Justice in Professors’ Innovation Exposition on Wednesday, October 19. UNAIR has held three times similar events with different themes this year. The other two themes were traditional medicine and stem cell research innovation.

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On November 10, 2016, UNAIR celebrated its 62nd Dies Natalis. The theme was “62 Years of Universitas Airlangga for Just and Civilized Indonesia”. Various interesting events were held, University Open Assembly, Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo, and Tour de Campus. The main event was attended by Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran and Deputy Chairman of Corruption Eradication Commission Laode M. Syarif.

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Menteri Pertanian RI Andi Amran saat memberikan orasinya didepan para tamu undangan. (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran during his scientific oration in presence of guests. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)


UNAIR has graduated 7,328 students for 2016 from any programs or degrees. In March, there were 2,292 graduated students, in July  there were 835 students,  in September 3,327 students, and in December there were 874 graduated students.

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UNAIR inaugurated three new professors on Saturday, December 10. UNAIR has had 455 professors since its establishment in 1954 while since getting PTN-BH status, it has inaugurated 163 professors. There were 16 professors inaugurated in 2016.

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There were three UNAIR programs assessed by ASEAN University Networking-Quality Assessment assessors from December 20-22, 2016.

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Tim dokter dan ibunda menengok Tutik Handayani pasca operasi di Rumah Sakit Universitas Airlangga. (Foto: Dilan Salsabila)
Team of doctors and the mother of Tutik Handayani after the operation in Universitas Airlangga Hospital. (Photo: Dilan Salsabila)

Craniofacial team has succeeded to perform second operation for facial cleft patient from Lumajang aged 17, Tutik Handayani.

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Author: Defrina Sukma S

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