Kapolri Gives Lecture in UNAIR on Diversity

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Chief of National Police General Drs. M. Tito Karnavian, M.A., Ph.D. during his lecture (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Issues on diversity arisen lately are interesting to examine especially when the government is involved. Therefore, Indonesian National Police (Polri) held a public lecture in Garuda Mukti Hall Management Office Building Universitas Airlangga on Thursday, December 29.

The lecture attended by elements of UNAIR academicians was presented by the National Police Chief General Drs. M. Tito Karnavian, M.A., Ph.D. In the beginning of his lecture, Tito said that diversity is an indispensable part of Indonesia. In his opinion, various incidents happened lately were inevitable from a nation with pluralism. Tito also added that through this diversity Indonesia can unite.

“The diversity in this country is destiny. Not many countries in the world can be like us. This diversity is the foundation of our country,” he said.

The general born in Palembang, October 26 1964 added that the diversity is potential for advancement as well as to disrupt unity. Furthermore, he also explained about democratization and its development. For him, positive impacts of democracy in a very pluralistic country are the created balance and the reinforced role of people. But Tito also added that our democracy system with complete freedom can bring negative impact such as primordialism and excessive freedom.

“Excessive freedom has reached many elements such as media,” he said.

In the end of his lecture, the doctor graduated from Nanyang Technological University Singapura said that as a big country, Indonesia needs strong leader, free from corruption, and has leadership which is able to embrace all communities and unite the diversity.

“This our responsibility to maintain national stability and minimize conflicts so the development can go on,” he said. “Maintain diversity and promote four pillars of Pancasila, Bineka, NKRI and Laws,” he said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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