Being University Ambassadors Abroad

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UNAIR SATRIA briefing in Assembly Room B Management Office Building Campus C on Tuesday, December 27. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS –Learning in other countries is a precious experience. But, thorough preparation for is needed by every student studying abroad and in short term study overseas. UNAIR students who are going to study abroad are being prepared to be UNAIR SATRIA (UNAIR Student Ambassador for International Program).

As of now, there are at least 148 students participating in international program. All of them were briefed to be UNAIR SATRIA. This time, on Tuesday, December 27, there were 15 students briefed in Assembly Room B, Management Office Building, Campus C UNAIR. They were briefed before they go to various countries such as Czech Republic, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and alsos America.

Through UNAIR SATRIA, the students will be more ready for their study and they can be excellent ambassadors of UNAIR for the program.

“It is UNAIR program to guide students who study abroad. It is managed by IOP (Internasional of Partnership), because we have the channel to our partners who offer study exchange programs,” said the Administrator Outbound Mobility IOP Astria Okta Herdiani.

For the briefing, Astria guided the students on their preparation to go abroad. She also showed some problems may be faced ahead, from the previous experiences of other students.

“The most important thing is about health. In Indonesia they were deemed normal but when they arrived there, there were problems. The conditions are different than our country,” she said.

Beside health issues, Astria also explained that the students often get problems with their academics. “There used to be a student studying in Korea who have classes at the same time. He wanted to join class A, but the lecturer of Class B cannot comply, maybe it was because the communication. So we held them by contacting their unit until the student can join his desired class,” she said.

“Furthermore, there were problems on their study as every university has their own system. A student had a study exchange in Japan and took 20 credits, but his tasks were a lot, so he couldn’t join any student activity unit. If in Indonesia we can take 24 sks but there, it was different,” she added.

Briefing is done not only to prepare their leaving, but also to provide guidance when they are in the program until there are getting back. “After they are home, we ask about their experience, we post it in social media or for students who have exchange program in the future. So we guide them, pre, during and after the program,” she said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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