Unsupported At First, Career of Beautiful Model From FH Takes Off

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Ayu Maulida, young model from Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Coming from her strong will to be a model, Ayu Maulida’s career in Modeling has taken off. A lot of achievements have been made by the 2015 student of Faculty of Law  Universitas Airlangga.

She has participated in prestigious modeling events such as Jakarta Fashion Week and Indonesia Fashion Week. She has been chosen to be the Brand Ambassador of a beauty clinic and been an icon in Surabaya Fashion Parade.

“One job which was an achievement for me was during spring/summer. I became an icon of Tangs Plaza Singapore,” said Ayu.

Ayu has been the first winner in a contest held by a beauty clinic in Surabaya when she was in class IX SMP. She was also included as models chosen by Biyan, a designer, for “Biyan 30th Anniversary” when she was in class X SMA.

Her talent in modeling has been shown since elementary school (SD). She won second place for Hijab Model Sanggarwati contest when she was in class V SD.

“Since childhood I’ve wanted to be a model. An artist actually, but it seemed impossible. When I was a child, I was a tomboy even I still had a little feminine side. I thought that I would never be a model as no one in my family in modeling, and my mom is a devoted muslim,” said the alumnus SMA Trimurti, Surabaya.

Unsupported by Mom At First

Before she has a great career, she had reluctance as her family was never into modeling. Furthermore, her mother is a devoted muslim, which made her even more reluctant to start into modeling.

“As time goes by, I got job offers from modeling agency and asked me to join them,” said the girl with 178 cm height.

Because of her achievements, her parents responded positively as she also showed her determination in modeling. Nevertheless, Ayu never neglects her obligation as a student. She is still in the third semester but she can manage her time well between her career and study.

A dream will never come true without sacrifices and struggles. It seems appropriate to illustrate Ayu’s career. (*)

Author : Pradita Desyanti
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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