UNAIR KSR – PMI UKM Gets Rewards on Volunteer Day

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The rewards given to UNAIR KSR PMI UKM delegates in PMI Kota Surabaya, on Monday, December 26. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Volunteering Corps of Indonesian Red Cross (KSR PMI UKM) has achieved third place for “Most Participation”, in Volunteer Day of PMI held in the central office of PMI of Surabaya on Monday, December 26. The rewards were given to PMI unit in Surabaya which always sends their members in disaster relief activity.

Not only that, some members of UNAIR KSR PMI UKM also got awards for three different categories, Healthcare Service Volunteer by Ismayangkar P.U and Fiona Reka P, also Social category and Volunteer Capacity Improvement by Siti Masriyah dan Indra Oditya P.

According to the Head of UNAIR KSR PMI UKM Muhammad Muharam Salim Noval, this achievements were the proofs of their service to society. “This achievement in my opinion is not about competition but it is an obligation of KSR PMI UKM which is ready to serve,” said the student known as Salim.

The rewarding session is an important event held by Central PMI Surabaya in celebrating Volunteer Day every year. For this year, Volunteer Day’s theme was “Building Togetherness and Peace”, the achievements given were Central PMI Surabaya’s to units in PMI Surabaya in serving the humanity.

According to Salim, UNAIR KSR PMI UKM often gets the rewards because of their vigilance and responsibilities in providing support and serving the society. “Last year UNAIR achieved the best PMI Unit in Surabaya and the reward was given by Bu Risma,” he said.

“KSR PMI has a main objective to serve humanity, we did all task sincerely to be volunteer and to help others. We do not only use our power, but also knowledge and skill influential to society,” he said.

Salim hoped that KSR PMI UKM team always be vigilant and ready to be volunteer in any related disasters and humanity service. “Hopefully UNAIR KSR PMI can always be the best and help others,” he said. (*)

Author : Faridah Hari
Editor    : Dilan Salsabila

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