A Glance at Indonesian Inspiring Women

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Mayor of Surabaya Dr. (HC) Ir. Tri Rismaharini, M.T., during “Women Hero: The MOMent with Women Hero” in Garuda Mukti Hall UNAIR (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – For centuries women are treated as subordinates of men. But time changes and in modern era, women have their moments to speak up for gender equality. It was the background of the event held by Ministry of Community Service Student Executive Board (BEM) Universitas Airlangga, a seminar and a talk show,  “Women Hero: The MOMent with Women Hero” in Garuda Mukti Hall on Sunday, December 18.

The event was opened by a traditional dance from Banyuwangi called ‘Gandrung’ by UNAIR students and then followed by an address of the President of BEM UNAIR,   M. Rizky Fadilah and a lecturer from FIB UNAIR Listiyono Santoso M.Hum. In his address, Listiyono said that since childhood, people have been educated that women are destined to look after homes, as written on elementary school textbooks.

“Today, we are going to learn how the inspiring women telling their stories and giving us enlightenment,” he said.

After the welcoming session, there was a speech by Hafsoh Mubarak, Head of Surabaya Creative Network. He talked about the important roles of women in the world’s economy. According to Hafsoh, women were treated less superior. She shared her story when she was the only woman who spoke in Jakarta.

Even with different cultures, the people of Surabaya do not disturb one another. It was caused by motherhood of the leadership which uses not only the brain but also heart.

For the second panel, there were Women Hero winners, Ira Suarilah, Ummu Tukmiyati. Susilaningsih, M.M., and Amira Bilqis. In this session, they shared their stories to be breastfeeding donor, an activist for the orphans, widows and the poor, an entrepreneur and community activist.

Then next speakers were Surabaya Mayor Dr. (HC) Ir. Tri Rismaharini, M.T., and the wife of Bojonegoro Regent, Dra. Hj. Mahfudhoh Suyoto, M.Si. In this third panel on leadership, Mahfudhoh and Risma told their different experience in making social contributions. Mahfudhoh said that she has been the model of her people while Risma shared her stories as a mayor and meeting important people abroad. She also said that she was underestimated by a vice mayor of a country who was also a woman but she could  change that arrogance into an acknoledgement.

“Nothing is impossible. If we, as women, want to advance, we don’t need privileges. Sometimes people underestimates us but we should never expect privileges,” said Risma.

There was a special talkshow with Maudy Ayunda, an actress, singer and Oxford University graduate. Maudy was asked to share her experience when she was a student in the reputable university in England and her motivations to learn.  She said that her main motivation was to get acknowledgement from people who underestimated her because of her background as a celebrity.

“I used to think that if I hadn’t pushed myself to make difficult choices, I wouldn’t have felt challenged and would have never gotten into Oxfor,” said the singer of Perahu Kertas.

The seminar was closed by the last panel on feminism with Dr. Prihartini Widiyanti, drg., S.Si, M.Kes., CCD, Prof. Dr. Emy Susanti, MA, and Dra. Esthi Susanti Hudiono, M.Si as the speakers. For this session, the speakers presented topic on idealism and values of women. They also shared their experiences, views and hopes on women leadership for the national advancement. Finally, there was a praying session to end the event. (*)

Author: Lovita Marta
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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