Having to Revise Thesis, Jessica Graduated Best from S-1 FST UNAIR

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UNAIR NEWS – Because of limited experts and data of research, Jessica had to revise the title of her research even though it was ready for the seminar. Changing the title almost made her feel despair for the research.

The revision was in a great scale but she was still motivated to finish it early and she made it. She was even appointed as the best graduate with GPA 3.97. Jessica was graduated from S-1 Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) in December 2016 graduation.

“At first, my research proposal was ready in February 2016, even it has not been approved. But there are some problems on its experts availability and data (training and testing) to create the system,” she said.

So, for half a year Jessica had to deal with those problems. “I was even be a ‘wanted person’ by my supervisor,” she said.

But finally Jessica could handle them and followed December 2016 graduation.

She said, there were no special tips to make her achievements. She just learned and tried to sharpen her creativity on her self-development to achieve the best result.

In her opinion, Information System program has the most challenging subject, Programming, beside Calculus.

“My principle, try not to copy others’ project or without contributing in a project,” she said.

The woman who was active in Christianity UKM hoped that she could work in a non-commercial start-up field which can be useful for the society and they can have more awareness on technology.

With her achievement, Jessica was proud of herself and also scared at the same time. “I’m proud of this achievement but there is a sentence ‘From great power, comes great responsibility’. When I got this opportunity, I was burdened as well to be responsible for it,” said Jessica. (*)

Author : Disih Sugianti
Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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