Establishing Tropical Health Center of Southeast Asia

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The Building of Tropical Diseases Center (Photo: AHSI)

DIES Natalis is a moment in remembrance of an institution’s founding; and at the moment Universitas Airlangga is celebrating its 62nd Dies Natalis. The biggest university in Eastern Indonesia has tens of thousands students and alumni who are from and scattered in all over Indonesia even in many foreign countries.

The university cannot be separated with numerous achievements attained by its students, lecturers and Professors as well; moreover the various, complete, sophisticated education facilities and support, whether the ones located in Campus A, Campus B, or Campus C; namely from campus bus (flash) to the biggest and most sophisticated laboratory facility in Southeast Asia.

As we all know, Indonesia is known as the country with the biggest mega-biodiversity of flora and fauna. Moreover, in this Equator land we can find different kinds of diseases which cannot be found in non-tropical countries. The diseases among others are malaria, dengue fever, avian influenza, filariasis, worm-borne diseases, malnutrition, and non-infectious diseases caused by life style (diabetes, stroke, etc.).

Those diseases are health problems which emerge every year and are unsolvable until today. A real situation for this is when the rains come in Indonesia, wards and corridors in hospitals will be full of patients who are infected with the aforementioned diseases, for example dengue fever.

Let alone the diseases which emerge from the flood (puddle of water) in rainy season. The danger of diseases like leptospirosis and cholera threat the people and the latest is the coming out of Zika virus which is transmitted by mosquitos.

Universitas Airlangga, one of the most prominent universities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, has potential to be a Tropical Health Center in Southeast Asia. This is supported by the fact that Universitas Airlangga has one of the oldest Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia; it is 103 historical years old, started from the era of NIAS (Nederlands Indische Artsen School) or Dutch East Indies Medical School which was established in 1913.

Faculty of Medicine UNAIR also has a Tropical Medicine Magister Program and a research center which specializes in tropical diseases, which is the one and only in Indonesia. As a matter of course, the university is equipped with experts who have competence to develop vaccines or herbal medicine particularly for emerging diseases in Indonesia.

This huge asset is a strength and capital to make Universitas Airlangga a tropical health center in Southeast Asia or even a prominent World Class University, whether in Indonesia or abroad.

Therefore, along with the 62nd Dies Natalis celebration this 2016, Universitas Airlangga civitas academica reopens and reevaluates its resources and strength in order to return the university’s glory as the best university in Indonesia and international scope, in accordance with Airlangga Hymn which is sung in every academic event, namely graduation day, inauguration of Professor/Doctors/Profession, national seminar, etc.

“Di timur Jawa Dwipa, Megah engkau bertakhta, Satria Airlangga, Kusuma Negara, Dari engkau kudapat, Budaya Pusaka, Airlangga dikau permata, Indonesia Raya”. Happy Anniversary, our beloved Universitas Airlangga. Long live. (*)

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