Unsupported At First, Zumrotus Sholikhah Graduated Best from Psychology

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ZUMROTUS Sholikhah, was unsupported to go to college at first, but she was graduated best from Faculty of Psychology UNAIR (Photo: Dilan Salsabila)

UNAIR NEWS – Character is built since early childhood. One of the character building factors is the school. This topic was studied by Zumrotus Sholikhah, who was appointed as the best graduate for bachelor program of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga, December 2016.

The research for her thesis was know the reception of school climate and the tendency of kids’ anti-social behaviour. The perception of school climate meant was the students’ view and assessment on the condition or custom at school which affect students behavior.

The tendency of anti-social behaviour I meant was the potential of someone violating the social norm, either openly, discreetly or in a form of kids disobedience on authority figures, parents or teachers,” said the best graduate with GPA 3.62.

According to the girl known better as Ika, from 94 kids at 9-12 years old age group she studied, there was a correlation between perception of school climate with tendency of antisocial behavior in kids.

”The correlation between them was negative. The more negative the school climate, the higher the tendency of kids’ antisocial behavior,” said the student from Gresik, while admitting that choosing kids for the subject of the study was not easy. There were a lot of kids confused with how to fill the questionnaire during the data collection.

Before filling the questionnaires, they had to complete the identification forms and in reality, they had difficulty in filling them and they did not know their parents’ jobs.

Regarding her achievement as the best graduate, Ika admitted that there were no special tips. She just tried her best with prayers from parents. “Furthermore, I also asked a lot to my friends and searched the internet regarding the subject I hadn’t mastered yet. Then always involve Allah in every affair,” she said.

Unsupported At First

Ika was grateful that she could finish her study because she was unsupported at first by her parents to go to college. It was because of financial problem. Getting a job after graduated from senior high school has been the custom in the family, so her ambition to go to college was restraint.

But when the university admission closing near, the second child of three siblings was invited by her school and asked about her family condition. Finally the school submitted Ika through SNMPTN with Bidikmisi scholarship submission.

”Because of time was limited and she was not determined to study, I just chose the major and I was admitted. Then I convinced my parents and alhamdulillah slowly they understood and let me go to college,” said the student born on September 6, 1993.

After graduation, Ika hoped that her knowledge can be useful for others, and she get a well-paid job. “If possible, I hope that I can give job opportunities for others,” she said. (*)

Author: Dilan Salsabila
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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