Tapak Suci UKM Holds Latihan Alam to be Close with the Homeland

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Photo: Tapak Suci UKM documentation

UNAIR NEWS – Tapak Suci UKM, Universitas Airlangga, held a training for new members from Friday-Sunday, December 16-18. The training was called Latihan Alam  and it was held in Hizbul Wathon training center, Sumbersuko of Kertosari Village, Purwosari Sub-district, Pasuruan.

The participants were mostly freshmen of UNAIR. But there were some from other institutions or students of senior high school around Campus C, UNAIR. The theme was Membangun Kader yang Berkarakter Islam dan Bersinergi dalam UKM Tapak Suci yang Berkemajuan.

Output of this training was to produce cadres which are not only Islamic and open-minded but also to create synergy with UKM and UNAIR.

There were activities close with nature, on Islam, Tapaksuci, Muhammadiyah and also organizational management. All were done to achieve noble goals reflected in the theme.

One of the speakers was Febryan Kiswanto, Presiden BEM UNAIR 2015. He emphasized that university is not only about GPA but more than that.

“If you expect a lot of friends, knowing people’s characters, trying to make peace with your problems, then join organizations either inside or outside campus. Because those who only walk on monotonous path, study and go back home or called kupu-kupu will lose something without knowing it,” said Febryan.

For him, being an activist is also a part of entertainment in busy schedule of classes.

There was a new members’ inauguration and promotion ceremony after going through physical and mental tests in a pencak silat school. In his speech, Elok Koestantono as the fighter and trainer of UNAIR Tapaksuci UKM said that the essence of the training was actually to make the close with their homeland.

“It is not strange at all if muddy activities are emphasized to make them close with their homeland where they were born,” said Elok. (*)

Author : Moh. Wahyu Syafi’ul Mubarok
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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