Historical Studies Alumni: paper Presentation for Academic Improvement

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Conference Participants’ enthusiasm in UNAIR History and Culture Museum (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Alumni Association or usually called IKA of Historical Studies Universitas Airlangga held a national conference on Sunday, December 12. The conference held in Siti Parwati Hall, Faculty of Humanities, UNAIR was a study forum inviting alumni as the speakers.

“Historical Studies Alumni Association activity is not only about entertainment like music performance and fun walk but also making contributions for the academic and scientific development of Historical Studies so it can be useful for the country and nation,” said the Head of Historical Studies Adrian Perkasa.

The event initiated from a group chat in WhatsApp was held to reinforce unity of their alumni. IN the conference, there were 10 papers studied in the forum. Those ten papers were from various historical topics encouraged by the alumni.

The ten titles of papers were Kekerasan Dengan Isu Dukun Santet di Banyuwangi Tahun 1998-1999 (Latif Khusairi), Komunitas Orang India di Surabaya (Reyna, Syarifah, Olivia), Aktivitas Illegal Perekrutan Kuli Deli di Depot Surabaya 1900-1932 (Khasan K. Ma’sum), Hutan yang Dijual: Investasi Sektor Industri Kehutanan Pada Masa Orde Baru (Ryan Pratama), Kajian Historis Administrasi Negara ke Administrasi Publik (Nur Fathin L.), Lemkari Jawa Timur 1972-1981 and Pertemuan Musik Surabaya 1957-2006 (Pramita D. Rosalia).

From the ten titles, there was a title interesting and presented in group. It was titled Komunitas Orang-orang India di Surabaya by Reyna Aisyah, Syarifah Majid, and Olivia D. Santoso which was from observation and references.

“The theme was from Ethnography class and it is unfortunate if it isn’t studied historically,” said Syarifah.

The data elaborated in papers received praises from the participants and keynote speaker Dr. Sarkawi, S.S., M.Hum a lecturer of Historical Studies in UNAIR.

Foto Bersama Pembicara Konferensi Nasional IKA Ilmu Sejarah dengan Dosen Ilmu Sejarah UNAIR (Foto: Istimewa)
The speakers and lecturer of Historical Studies UNAIR (Photo: Special)

The event felt special as alumni of Historical studies UNAIR from various regions such as Yogyakarta, Aceh, and Madura were coming. It became a reunion event, strengthening ties as well as getting close to other alumni from different years.

The forum held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m gave opportunities to alumni to express their thoughts, ideas and inputs for the improvement of Historical studies and also to contribute in building the country and the nation.

Subandi Rianto., S.Hum who was one of the teachers in Sekolah Alam Yogyakarta initiated to make historical comics and booklets. It will be more effective in presenting historical topics but still fun for kids.

During the event, the participants were invited to visit UNAIR History and Culture Museum which was established on December 1, 2016. They got even more enthusiastic as Ikhsan Rosyid, a lecturer, stated his wish to make the result of the conference as a book.

Positive response was also made by the Head of the Department, Gayung Kasuma, who sees the activities of Historical Studies IKA are even more various, give direct impacts and useful, not only to entertain. (*)

Author : Yudi Wulung
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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