Researching HIV-AIDS, Imelda Manurung Graduated Best From S-3 FKM UNAIR

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Researching HIV-AIDS Imelda Februati Ester Manurung graduated best from S-3 FKM Unair. (Foto: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – HIV and AIDS cases keep increasing in Indonesia, including in all regents of East Nusa Tenggara Province. The data of 2015 showed that HIV and AIDS cases based on the occupations of the patients were mostly coming from housewives.

It made Imelda Februati Ester Manurung, SKM., M.Kes, study the topic for her dissertation titled “Model Pemberdayaan Hamba Tuhan dalam Mendukung Individu Berisiko HIV dan AIDS untuk Melakukan Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT) di Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur”. That work made the woman born on February 20, 1979 awarded as the best graduate with almost perfect GPA, 3.98.

The research was started with asking for permit at the provincial level, then to the regency and the city of Kupang, until finally to Sinode GMIT office to get the data in each GMIT church in Kupang.

For the second phase, she addressed the effect of training on HIV empowerment to health literacy of the servants of God.

“From the training, there was a great deal of improvement on the health literacy of the servants of God compared from before and after the training,” she said.

Imelda research then was ended through coordination in the intervention group, the group following the training. During the research, the woman who was also a lecturer of  Universitas Udayana (Undana) Kupang said that she also had some problems for it.

“There was a stigma at first from them, but with sharing sessions on the research, they were finally willing to participate,” explained Imelda.

In the future, the woman who is keen on watching films and reading hoped that the government conduct HIV prevention program by empowering the servants of God through suggested method of intervening the leadership on health literacy and trust. .Special for health literacy, the government can involve the trained group to support the VCT in society.

“Trained servants of God will keep supporting individuals with HIV and AIDS risks for VCT and also promoting the issues on HV and AIDS to improve awareness of the society,” she said.

As the best graduate, she motivated her juniors to always pray and work. “Keep working and do not give up easily even though our ideas rejected or much revision. Turn it into your driving force to learn more and be the best,” she said. (*)

Author: Lovita Marta Fabella
Editor: Dilan Salsabila.

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