Instilling Sense of Pride in Alma Mater

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One of the freshmen on Thursday August 18 on Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) UNAIR. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

BEFORE starting your struggle as student in a dark blue jacket with a badge of Garuda Wisnu Kencana on the left part of your chest, which jacket color did you dream to wear?

Is it a yellow jacket with a makara symbol? Or a green jacket with a ganesha? With most of the programs accredited A, it is only normal if a lot of people will answer that UNAIR was their first choice. So, being a part of UNAIR is one thing to be proud of. But there are others who dreamt of being in a university better than UNAIR in ranks and UNAIR became the second option, or even the third.

Those dreams of being a student in the capital, in “the city of rain” Bogor, in “the city of gudeg” Jogyakarta, or in “the city of flowers” Bandung; a slight of thoughts being part of number one university must have been there.

Some parts of us feel that forgetting the dream is not an easy thing to do. Our busy schedules as students, we admit or not, have distracted us from the dream. But actually, there is still ‘yearning’ and manifested in low sense of pride towards UNAIR as our alma mater.

Being proud in this context is not a form of arrogance, but the pride which comes from a sense of belonging and being a part of a group, or by McMillan in his Sense of Community theory was termed as spirit or membership. The pride will make us students to have more spirits to gain good reputation for the university at regional and even at international level.

Even though there are better aspects of other universities compared to UNAIR, we must accept that lacking and plus points as something we need to improve.

Here are some reasons and why we must be proud of being UNAIR students:

First, open your eyes and be grateful! UNAIR is not the best in Indonesia yet, but we have been determined to be the first. Furthermore, we should realize that there are other universities which still struggle to be in UNAIR position.
we have had good physical facilities such as comfortable classes, libraries with complete collection of books and journals, even a campus bus, other students still endure with uncomfortable condition at their universities. So how can we get strength to break through the competition and not be grateful for these excellent facilities?

Second, Be UNAIR representatives in any events (according to your passion). Lyntar Ghendis, a student of Faculty of Nursing said that when she represented UNAIR in PIMNAS, her love to alma mater grows. When we represented our university, there is a strong wish to support and give the best for the alma mater. Isn’t it a good motivation to be outstanding students?

Third, understand that complaining will only inflict loss. Once, 27 years ago, there was a student who studied in a small city university. It was not well known and if people knew it, they put a blind eye towards it.

He was a grateful student and enjoyed his study, he was even trusted to be the head of some organizations. In the end, he was successful and worked for a state owned company (BUMN). Would it be the same to someone who keeps complaining and forgetting that there is always goodness from every limitation? Sometimes people forget about it.

Finally, there is always a sky above the sky. Even if we become a student of the best university, there will be one or two aspects which other university excels more. So be grateful and be proud of our choices. Why don’t we choose to be happy students and love what God has blessed us and try to improve what we lack. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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