Faculty of Vocational Studies Ready to Make International Achievements

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Imam Susilo. (Photo: Rio F. Rachman)

UNAIR NEWS – Even though the faculty is still young. Faculty of Vocational Studies Universitas Airlangga is ready to make international achievements. There are a lot of international visits made to Faculty of Vocational Studies. On the other hand, the faculty located in Campus B also often sends their representatives to go abroad.

“There is a plan to send physiotherapy trainers or lecturers to Holland,” said Dr. Imam Susilo, dr., Sp.PA (K), Vice Dean III Faculty of Vocational Studies on Tuesday, December 13.

Meanwhile, if it goes as planned, D-3 of Dental Health Engineering will have a field work in Shinjuku, in a laboratory in Japan next year. While Tourism program will collaborate with an institution in Thailand.

He said that his students’ performance has improved. Recently, in a national university Olympiad, a team from his faculty won as a grand champion. Clearly, anyone who studies in Faculty of Vocational Studies will not get difficulty to get jobs. Furthermore the university has built a partnership network with companies which means that most students have been expected at professional world before they are graduated.

As of now, there are 21 programs in Faculty of Vocational Studies, three of them are four-year programs. This kind of acceleration, D3 to D4, will always be done in the future as there is a need of deeper insight and knowledge and it takes more time.

“Central government paid special attention to vocational studies. No wonder, because abroad, in Europe or Australia, the applied fields of studies hold important roles for the national development,” said Imam.

Before Faculty of Vocational Studies was established in 2014, various applied programs were managed under other faculties. Vocational studies are the highest diploma programs which prepare students to work with certain applied skills.

So far, the graduates have been successfully contributing in the society including in the field which promotes local wisdoms such as traditional healing.

There are three departments, Health, Engineering, and Business. In Health department, there are ten programs such as D-3 Medical Analyst, Physiotherapy, Dental Health Engineering, Occupational Hygiene and Safety, Animal Health, Traditional Healing, also D-4 of Physiotherapy, Radiology and Traditional Healing.

While in Engieering department there are programs of D-3 Information System, Automation Instrumentation System, and Library Technician. In business department there are programs of D-3 Taxation, Accunting, Tourism, English, Marketing Management, Secretariat and Office Management, Hotel Management and Banking Management. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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