RS UNAIR Facial Cleft Patient to Undergo Second Phase Operation

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Facial cleft patient, Tutik Handayani (right) and Doctor Indri Lakshmi Putri (left) explaining the roentgen of Tutik facial structure after the first operation in Universitas Airlangga Hospital (RS UNAIR).

UNAIR NEWS – Tutik Handayani, facial cleft patient will undergo her second operation on Wednesday, December 14. The operation will last for six hours.

It was stated by the plastic surgeon handling the facial cleft patient, Indri Lakshmi Putri, dr., Sp.BP-RE (KKF), during a press conference in Universitas Airlangga Hospital on Tuesday, December 13. There was a team of doctor which will carry out the operation, Director of RS UNAIR Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, Sp.PD, K-PTI, and Medical Service Manager RS UNAIR Muhammad Ardian Cahya Laksana, dr., Sp.OG.

According to the doctor better known as Putri, the second operation will close the cleft in her facial bone. The cleft will be closed with the bone from the left excessive face bone. According to the roentgen result, Doctor Putri said that Tutik’s left jaw formed by three layers like a trunk.

“The cleft on the palate is bigger. As planned, we are going to close the cleft. Here (the left face) there is a cleft. The left jaw looks doubled as there is excessive bone. We will take the excessive part, and use it to close the clefts on the right and left face,” said Doctor Putri.

At least, there are three challenges ahead for the team which handles Tutik. First, there is possible risk of bleeding. Second, there is a difficulty to anesthetize. Third, the team doctor will have difficulty to repair her dental structures.

The operation will be performed by four doctors coming from different medical field, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, orthodontics, and anesthetics. Beside medical treatments, there is also a team of psychiatrists accompanied Tutik.

After the second operation, in six months, there will be the third operation. As planned, she will undergo four to five operations. “Most important thing is to improve the quality and functions. In between the second and the third operation, there is an operation for the jaw after we close the cleft, we must wait for the bone to be stable first. The cleft operation usually needs five to six months,” said Doctor Putri.

Tutik underwent her first operation on August 18. In the first operation, the team doctor connects the muscles, skin and facial bone. Beside those three, they also repair her eye position and her condition improves.

After the first operation, Tutik routinely had her condition checked and her tooth extracted in RS UNAIR. From her mental condition, Doctor Izzatul Fitriyah said that Tutik is ready for the second operation.

“Tutik is ready for the second phase operation. She has poor sight so she hasn’t understood a concept of person. We will intervene, either with her and her surrounding environment,” said Doctor Izza.

Regarding the financing, the operation cost will be covered by BPJS Kesehatan. If it reaches max coverage, then UNAIR Alumni Association (IKA-UA) will support to cover the rest.

Director of RS UNAIR in the press conference also encouraged the society to contact hospital  if there are others with abnormal appearance. “If it isn’t treated soon, the difficulty level will be higher,” he said.

Author : Defrina Sukma
Editor : Faridah Hari

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