Medical and Industrial Technology with Optical Fiber Sensor

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PROF. Moh Yasin during his scientific oration in Garuda Mukti Hall, Management Office Building, UNAIR on Saturday December 10. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – The Open Assemby of Universitas Airlangga presided by UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA., on Saturday, December 10 inaugurated three new professors of UNAIR. The process was held in Garuda Mukti Hall, Management Office Building Universitas Airlangga, Campus C Jl. Dr. Ir. Soekarno, Mulyorejo, Surabaya.

One of the professors inaugurated was Prof. Dr. Moh. Yasin, M.Si., a professor on Optical Physics from Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) UNAIR. In his oration, Prof. Moh Yasin delivered his oration titled ”Pengembangan Teknologi Sensor Serat Optik dalam Menuju Kemandirian Bangsa”.

He explained that Optical Physics as the branch of Physics which the study of the generation of electromagnetic radiation, the properties of that radiation, and the interaction of that radiation with matter. This interaction was based on optical phenomena such as reflection, refraction, transmission and dispersion. Optical fiber sensor (SSO) is a part of optical sensor which uses optical fiber as the sensor for physical changes happening.

“The point is, the laser is shot to a medium and reflected. The reflection is modified,” said the professor of FST UNAIR during press conference.

Even though the method explained is simple, but there are a lot of equipment invented with the same method with expensive price.

”The method is actually simple, but there is a device priced at Rp 5 billion, when the method used is the same,” said the professor who has got an award as an academician with the most publications in UNAIR in 2015.

Regarding the method explained, Prof. Yasin was sure that there will be a prototype of SSO device. This prototype is expected to develop medical and industrial fields. He even hoped that in 2020 there is an SSO system as an important foundation in developing SSO technology for medical and industrial application.

According to Prof. Yasin, SSO technology has a lot of use for medical and industry. In industrial field, SSO can be used for a lot of applications such as temperature, vibration, pressure, straining, electricity and other uses.

“One of its uses in medical field is to detect breast cancer, can be also used to measure the heart rate,” he said.

According to the Directorate of Human Resources UNAIR, Prof. Moh Yasin is 453rd UNAIR professor since its establishment in 1954 and he was 161st professor since it became a state university acting as legal entity (PTNBH). (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Bambang Bes

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