International Law And Human Rights Week 2016 Discusses Journalism Problems

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UNAIR NEWS – The discussion held as a part of “International Law And Human Rights Week 2016”, was done in on the first floor of Building C Faculty of Law  Universitas Airlangga on Thursday, December 8. The discussion themed “Obstructing Journalism: A lesson of Criminal Case Article 18 section 1 of Law number 40 in 1999 on Press”

In the discussion moderated by Dr. Herlambang Perdana, there were some speakers from some field of studies. From the academic community, there was Dr. Toetik Rahayuningsih, SH., MH, of Indonesian Journalism (AJI) Surabaya and Chelsia Chan, LL.M., from the press council.

As an opening presentation, Toetik elaborated the content of Article 18 Section 1 Law Number 40 in 1999 on Press that every person deliberately do anything against the law and obstruct or hamper the regulation can be indicted. In her presentation, Toetik also emphasized that the article also protects the journalists.

“But, even though they do not work voluntarily, journalists should always hold the ethical codes, with credible sources and not provocative,” she said.

Representative from AJI also added that there were 22 reports on journalist violence case until November. Their ignorance or not well informed journalists on adjusting the condition  and undeveloped communication ethics were the factors of the obstructions. Different from the other speakers, Chelsia Chan emphasized more on the latest cases, such as the worries of editors when their head officials involved in politics.

“The press council also receives complaints related to journalism violation so it facilitates every public aspiration and freedom to speak,” she said. (*)

Author: Siti Umami
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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