Denali Athlete: Training in Semeru, Befriended with Rain

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(Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – After training for months, the member of Universitas Airlangga Nature’s Lovers club (UKM) in the Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDEx) team, tested their physical and mental strength through extreme practices. They were held for 14 days from November 20 to December 4 in Bromo Tengger Semeru National park (TNBTS).

This physical training was the second for AIDEx team. They had been to Welirang for eight days in Mt. Arjuno-Welirang. In this training, five candidates for the expedition trained for their sledding technique.

“Second training, in TNBTS is compulsory for the athletes to measure the result of the trainings, “ said M. Faishal Tamimi as the Head of AIDEx. “Every athlete should be accustomed to their own stuff weight,” said Rio, one of the athletes.

When they were in TNBTS, the weather was a great challenge for the team. It often changed; sometimes it was foggy, rainy, sunny and even with strong winds.

Yasak, another candidate who has been to the Elbrus summit in Russia said that the weather still cannot be compared to Denali’s at 6,190 meter above sea level. There can be avalanche anytime and fall to the crevasses. The athletes must be accustomed with the extreme weather, stay spirited and focus on the target.

Para calon atlet AIDEx yang tengah berlatih di Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru. (Sumber: Istimewa)
The AIDEx candidates training in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. (Photo: Special)

During training in Semeru, the weather was not very friendly. On the first day in Semeru or the ninth day in TNBTS, it was drizzling in the morning, while from midday to afternoon it often rains.

“Rain is the friend. Every noon to the afternoon, there was always drizzles or rain as recently the rain intensity was quite high,” said Roby, AIDEx operational team and a candidate.

As a result, moss grows well on the rocks so the climbers must be extra careful when they did summit attack in Mahameru, especially when they past Watu Rajeng post. When they were doing a trail run and going past the post, there was a landslide around the area.

Even though the weather changed a lot, the athletes still did their summit attack for six times until the 13th day. The next day, the team went back to Surabaya. “Summit attack was done many times to improve max oxygen volume, endurance, action management, physical strength, team building and also acclimatization at 3000 m above the sea level and most importantly trained their mental,” said Rio.

The training was part of the fifth expedition preparation of seven summits WANALA UNAIR which will be held in May 2017. They will climb Mt. McKinley or Denali, the highest summit in the northen hemisphere. As planned, three chosen climbers from WANALA UNAIR will try to conquer then 20,237 foot mountain.

The seven summits expedition is an expedition to climb all seven summits in seven continents. Four expedition of the summits have been accomplished. They were Cartenz Summit, Mt. Jaya Wijaya, Indonesia (1994), Kilimanjaro Summit, Tanzania (2009), Elbrus Summit, Rusia (2011), also Aconcagua Summit, Argentina (2013). Beside Debali, expedition to Vinson Massif in the Antarctic also Everest in Himalaya will complete the seven summits expedition. (*)

Author : Wahyu Nur Wahid
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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