SMAN 21 Surabaya Establishes ’Relili’ to Support Students Admitted to State Universities

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All Class XII SMAN 21 Students taking pictures after presentation on Student Admission. (Photo: Binti Q Masruroh)

UNAIR NEWS – Various ways done di senior high schools to support their students to be admitted in state universities. SMA N 21 Surabaya, as stated by one of its teachers, Budi Santoso, M.Pd., has done a lot of things to increase the number of students admitted in state universities each year.

When he accompanied his students visiting Universitas Airlangga on Wednesday, December 7, in Garuda Mukti Hall Management Office Building Campus C UNAIR, there were about 240 class XII students from Science, Social and Language class. They came to inquire some information on UNAIR and its admission.

He said that to get into a reputable university like UNAIR, the competition was tight especially when there are not only students from Surabaya who want to get into UNAIR but also students from hundreds of school in the country.

“We have a plan to guide the students, to work on scientific projects suitable with their wish and expectation,” said Budi.

He knew well, a good school does not only make the students achieve good marks at national exam but also to take them to state universities.

“Because a good school is not the one which only achieves high scores in national exam, but also sends the students to get into PTN,” he said.

Budi stated that SMAN 21 has an organization called Environment and Literacy Research Institute (Relili). As the head of Relili, he said that he and his team has continuously developed the research organization. Students in Relili will get certificates which can be used to get into university. As according to him, some universities highly acknowledge achievements in science for the admission.

Through Relili, SMA 21 have made a lot of achievements either at local, regional, national and international level. One of achievements at international level was their success competing in a science competition in Taiwan. They made simple biosystem, which measures water quality of Kalimas. It got third place in Taiwan.

“Every year SMA 21 Surabaya makes scientific works and we contribute the most at national level competition. We excel in research to bring our students to universities they wanted,” he said.

Other effort made to send their students to PTN is by always participating in national or international olympiads.

By visiting UNAIR, Budi hoped that their students can be motivated even more and improve their studies.

“This school visit is appropriate with our first objective. Explanation from Pak Imam Siswanto of PPMB UNAIR is very detailed and clear and the motivation given was very good. Hopefully, there will be more students accepted in UANRI,” he said. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Bambang ES

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