Fasih Bintang Ilhami, S.Kep., M.T best graduate of Postgraduate School UNAIR for December 2016 garduation with GPA 3.89. (Photo: Special)
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UNAIR NEWS – Cancer is still frightening for people as there are still no ideal medications to treat it. It is the reason why Fasih Bintang Ilhami, S.Kep., M.T studied it for his thesis, “Efektifitas Nano Partikel Magnetik MnFe2O4 Berlapis Human Serum Albumin Tertarget Reseptor Folat sebagai Media Delivery System Terhadap Sel Kanker Tikus Strain Wistar”.

The research conducted by the best graduate of Postgraduate School for December 2016 graduation is a development of drug application system through nano technology.

“Through nano sized agent, the system is used to send the treatment for cancer cells, where the research was conducted to Strain Wistar mouse,” said the graduate of Technobiomedics. He was graduated with GPA 3.89.

With his research, he admitted that he was often sent to international conferences. He was also asked to be a speaker for his research such as for Medicine master program and some other programs.

After being appointed as the best graduate, he was grateful and speechless for his success. “Actually I was  a bit speechless when I was awarded the best but basically it was not determined by marks or latest achievements only, but also on how and what we will be in the future,” said the man born in Bangkalan, September 17, 1991.

Fasih has a clear motivation to be the best graduate. He said that to be the best we have to set our target. Furthermore, our motivation also affects the achievements expected as only ourselves who can measure the effort and the achievements.

“You must keep motivating yourself, to do the best you can,” he said.

Fasih who is now working as a nurse in a clinic in Sidoarjo hoped that he can start his career especially in education as well as keep developing science.

“I want to start a career in education, and also keep developing science by continuing study further,” he said. (*)

Author: Dilan Salsabila
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh.

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