Working Mom’ Ayu Lawuningtyas, Graduated Best from Master Program of Pharmacy UNAIR

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AYU Lawuningtyas H, M.Farm during graduation in ACC UNAIR on Saturday, December 3. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Ayu Lawuningtyas Hariadini, M.Farm was the best graduate of Pharmacy master program Universitas Airlangga. She was graduated from the Policy and Management Pharmacy FF UNAIR with almost perfect GPA  3.95.

Ayu success cannot be separated from her effort defending her thesis titled “Analisis Beban Kerja Apoteker Ruang Rawat Inap dalam Melakukan Pelayanan Farmasi di Rumah Sakit Tipe A (A study inRSUD Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang)”.

The woman who often takes her child to historical places has ever won Best Student Paper Award in 2nd Annual International Conference on Pharmacology and Pharmacetical Sciences (PAHRMA 201). Ayu shared her story on her struggle to finish her thesis as a working mom.

“I am a working mom with a daughter and my husband can only support me from afar,” said the student known better as  Ayuk. She was lucky that her office gave her leniency to study for two years, so she could focus in finishing her study.

In her thesis, the lecturer in Pharmacy Department of Faculty of Medicine UB, she studied the working staff fulfillment, especially pharmacists in healthcare facilities. For her, it can be done through analysis on the workload and the need of pharmacist to provide pharmaceutical service.

“It will take a great deal of time if I worked on it alone, so for the research I recruited some enumerators,” she said.

From her thesis which the data collected from RSUD Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang, the women born in Kediri, June 10, 1988 had to take her daughter with her from Malang-Surabaya.

“My child was a year old until she is three years old now, she is still with me. I still have to manage the time for her growth development too,” she said. (*)

Author : Mohammad Janni
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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