First Ever, BEM UNAIR Holds Isbat Nikah

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Head of Sub-Division of Prosperity, Directorate of Student Affairs, M. Fauzi, S.E, opening officially Isbat Nikah in Management Office Building, Campus C, on Wednesday, Dec 12.

UNAIR NEWS –Student Executive Board (BEM) UNAIR with Directorate of Student Affairs held a community service activity on December 7. This time they held Isbat Nikah activity for the locals in Mulyorejo Sub-district, Surabaya.

Isbat Nikah is an activity to legally acknowledge unregistered marriages. So it is only for couples who have married unofficially.

“It is the first time we hold this kind of activity as there aren’t any activities like this in UNAIR,” said Fardhan, Minister of Community Service of BEM UNAIR. “It does seem trivial, but it gives a great impact to people’s lives,” he added.

Fardhan said that his unit has made preparation for three months. He admitted that it needed a great deal of time to inform and look for couples which meet the requirements and they expected to make their marriages official.

“For this three months, we were also supported by and coordinated with the Mulyorejo administration to publish and look for the couples,” he said. “There were nine couples interested, but finally only four met the administrative requirements from the Religious Courts of Surabaya,” he added.


Activity of BEM UNAIR and DIRMAWA the first floor lobby of Management Office Building on Wednesday, December 7. (Photo: Dilan Salsabila)

The event was held in the first floor lobby of Management Office Building, Campus C and it was opened by Head of Sub-Division of Prosperity, Directorate of Student Affairs, M. Fauzi, S.E. After the opening, the four couples followed the procession of isbat nikah in the Religious Court of Surabaya in Jalan Ketintang. After that, on Thursday, December 8, there will be a reception for the four couples in Mulyorejo Sub-district office.

“Tomorrow at one p.m. we will hold their reception in Mulyorejo sub-district office,” explained Fardhan.

Fardhan hoped that this event can be held routinely as annual program of BEM. Furthermore, he also expected supports from a lot of parties especially to expand the reach of this community service.

“Hopefully, what UNAIR contributes can run well. In the future, it should be wider in scale, if possible, there is government support, so there will be more supporting parties,” he said. “and hopefully can be regenerated by the next officials,” he added. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor :Faridah Hari

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