Festivities of ‘Ayo Belajar’ Program Closing, Community Service of BEM FISIP UNAIR

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FISIP students and children they guided. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Ayo Belajar Closing event, an annual program of Community Service Ministry of BEM FISIP UNAIR ran lively on Saturday, November 19. Various activities were held for the event such as poetry musicalization, dance show and an art performance by elementary students guided by FISIP students.

Beside those performances, there was also an awarding session to outstanding students and best teacher. The closing Ayo Belajar was attended by Head of BEM FISIP Andre Rahmat Sugiharto, Tatik as the representative of RW 5 Mojo, volunteer teacher and kids of RW 5 Mojo as the objects of the event. It ran very lively.

Annual Program

Ayo Belajar is a program to realize University Tri Dharma especially, community service. The objective is to provide education to kids, either for school subjects or moral lessons. During the implementation, BEM FISIP UNAIR collaborated with RW 5 Mojo officials. There were 75 kids guided by them, from class I to class VI.

“Children as the subject of Indonesian future advancement should be prepared well for their intellectual quality or moral,” said Mohammad Syamsudin Alfattah, Minister of Community Service BEM FISIP UNAIR 2016.

Ayo Belajar has run for three years since 2014. It was held twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. In 2016, it was done from March to November in RW 5 Mojo Hall.

Mahasiswa FISIP saat memebrikan piagam sebagai simbol bahwa mereka telah berhasil menjalankan program Ayo Belajar di Balai RW 5 Mojo. (Foto: Istimewa)
FISIP students presenting a certificate as a symbol for their success finishing the program. (Photo: Special)


In 2016,  Ayo Belajar was presided by Yulia Istitania, Communication Studies 2015 student. The program involved 40 students of FISIP as volunteers.

“The volunteers were chosen students with great potentials and interests towards education. They were expected to be committed and active in the program,” said Fattah.

In each meeting, the volunteer assisted the students to study their school work and taught them on moral values.

“Moral values taught were honesty, patience, tolerance, respect, affection and many others. Moral lessons given are expected to shape positive characters to children since early on,” said the student of Anthropology.

Beside moral values, there is also cultural class held once a month. The cultural class was held  to introduce cultural diversity Indonesia has so the students will love it.

Cultural class program for this year was on batik. They heald a batik coloring event for students in class I – III SD, and drawing batik for class IV to VI SD. Beside batik, they also introduced traditional songs by asking them to sing along.

“Ministry of Community Service BEM FISIP UNAIR has great hope for the students to be an excellent generation and able to bring Indonesia to advancement and always heed decent values of Indonesia,” he said. (*)

Author    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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