Great Singer, Linda Kumala Sari Graduated Best from S-2 FH UNAIR

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Linda Kumala Sari achieved best graduate in December 2016 Graduation from Notary Master FH UNAIR with GPA 3.96. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Linda Kumala Sari may have been known by the public. She often appears on TV with a female vocal group called “Seven Icon”. His stage name is Linzy. Who would have thought that beside her great talent at singing, she also has many other achievements.

Since senior high school, Linda has been known as outstanding student in SMA Budi Luhur from 2006-2009. At college, Linda also finished her study with cum laude GPA from Faculty of Law   Universitas Trisakti Jakarta. And now she is awarded as the best graduate from Notary Master program FH UNAIR. She got almost perfect GPA, 2.96. She also took Double Degree on Legal Studies Master program in FH UNAIR.

To finish her study in Notary Master program she wrote a thesis titled “Prioritas Perolehan Hak Atas Tanah Terhadap Tanah Bekas Hak Barat yang Telah Menjadi Tanah Negara”. The thesis showed her concern with the people as there are no clear and systematic law which regulates the matter while there are many disputes of ownership right between people who have the right over land originated from the colonial and the people who got the right from submitting request. Both claim to have right over the land.

Currently, she is preparing her second thesis for the Legal Studies Master. She is predicted to join the graduation in March 2017 for that degree.

How can she manage the time? She admitted that it was not easy to study simultaneously. But she understands the consequences and responsibilities. She has made preparations for it.

She was lucky as she has never had simultaneous classes. She took morning class for Notary Master program and for Legal Studies she takes evening class, so Linda can maximaized her time well.

After finishing this S-2, she wants to start her career first and then continue to doctoral program.

“We must be responsible for our choices in everything. If we have made a choice to take master program, then we must finish it as well as possible. We should also manage our time well, and concentrate to the lessons in classes and gain as much as knowledge given by the lecturer,” said Linda. (*)

Author: Pradita Desyanti.
Editor: Bambang Bes

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