Graduate: We are Ready to Learn in “University of Life”

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UNAIR NEWS – During graduation of Universitas Airlangga students in December 2016, Muchibudin Abas, S.Kom, was appointed as a representative to speak on behalf of all graduates. He delivered his speech in presence of UNAIR Rector and officials, professors, parents of students and 873 other graduates.

”In this university, we learn a lot of sciences, either practical, theoretical or knowledge. So much experience we got here, in classes, organizations, or from conversations with lecturers or educational staff,” said Muchibudin Abas in his speech.

He said that he realized on how vast the knowledge is, it is so vast that it is not enough to learn in only in university. Nevertheless, his experience learning in Universitas Airlangga has taught him to be ready to learn in university of life, which they will go together as professionals in professional world and society.

“Therefore, we expect your blessing so we can be ready for new situation and environment in the society and we can give positive contributions. To all fellow graduates, we congratulated you as finally we can be bachelors. Long live Universitas Airlangga graduates! Long live Indonesian! Universitas Airlangga Excellence with Morality,”said Abas, alumnus of FST UNAIR.

Abas and other fellow graduates also expressed their gratitude to the university officials, lecturers and educational staff who teach and guide them patiently.

“We know well that the process we have been expected for four years can’t be separated from the lecturers sacrifices who always guide us patiently. Once again, thank you, we hope all of you always blessed with health and great life,” said Muchibudin Abas ending his speech. (*)

Author : Bambang Bes

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