Starting Democracy from Political Parties

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UNAIR NEWS – Regional Autonomy is managed by the central administration. It happens because there is no clear relations between the government and civilian affairs. It was stated by Prof. Drs. Ramlan Surbakti, M.A., Ph.D, during “Outlook 2017: Improving Regional Administration Roles: To Maintain Economic Growth in the Global Uncertainty“, on Thursday, December 1, in Hotel Bumi, Surabaya.

“The ones managed by the state referred to the 1945 Constitutions, The state manages public affairs through power. Not all are managed by the state,” said the professor of FISIP UNAIR.

It was indirectly affected by democracy. Prof. Ramlan was anxious with Indonesian democracy condition as it is controlled by political parties even though the people overseas see Indonesia has stable political condition.

“Because Indonesian political party system ‘shares’. Everyone gets a ‘share’, he said. “This sharing system must be changed and the ones who decide are the political parties themselves. Now, will they change that,” he added.

According to Prof. Ramlan, there are two requirements to make Indonesian democracy advances. First, individual nationalism must be strong. “Secondly, the state has to reinforce the law,” he said.

Prof. Ramlan stated that democracy reinforcement in Indonesia must be started from the political party.

“The parties exist because of the democracy. But the management of the parties have not been able to reinforce the democracy itself,” he said. (*)

Author: Dilan Salsabila
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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