Museum of History and Culture UNAIR Officially Opened

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Vice Rector III UNAIR Prof Amin accompanied by the Director of Human Resources Purnawan Basundoro opened the Museum of History and Culture UNAIR on Thursday, December 1 in Faculty of Humanities Campus B, UNAIR. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Museum of History and Culture UNAIR was officially opened on Thursday, December 12. It became another museum that UNAIR has and managed. It was opened officially by Vice Rector III Prof., Ir., Moch. Amin Alamsjah M.Si., Ph.D., andDirector of Human Resources  Dr. Purnawan Basundoro, M.Hum.

Museum of History and Culture UNAIR is managed by Department of Historical Studies, Faculty of Humanities, UNAIR, as a part of academic learning as well as museum tourism. It was named Museum of History and Culture to represent the identity and collections in the museum which are the historical and cultural artifacts.

In his opening speech, Prof. Amin quoted Bung Karno ‘Jasmerah, Jangan Sekali-kali Melupakan Sejarah’. Because in history, there are many lessons we can take for today.

“This Museum of History and Culture reminds me of the urgency of  the phrase stated by our First President, Ir. Soekarno, ‘Jangan Sekali-kali Melupakan Sejarah‘ or known as Jas Merah,” said Prof Amin.

Wakil Rektor III Prof. Amin memberikan tumpeng pertama kepada dr. Haryadi Suparto (depan), disaksikan oleh Gayung Kasuma (Kadep. Ilmu Sejarah), Purnawan Basundoro (Direktur SDM), Samidi (Dosen Sejarah), Wayan (Ketua UP2D FIB)
Vice Rector IIIProf. Amin presented the first slice to dr. Haryadi Suparto witnessed by  Gayung Kasuma (Historical Studies Department Head), Purnawan Basundoro (Director of Human Resources), Samidi (History Lecturer), Wayan (Head of UP2D FIB) (Photo: Special)

“Learning past history can be done through museum. Therefore, hopefully museum can be learning medium for us all to be better people,” he added.

Museum is divided into two. First room is filled with ancient and important books and archive in history. Second part is filled with old pictures representing daily activities of people in the past like old projector, keris, sword, spear and wayang.

Most of the collections were donations from the management of Museum of Health Surabaya dr. Haryadi Suparto gradually since 2007. The museum located next to Department of Historical Studies has a total collection of 102 artifacts, more than 200 old archives and some journals and old magazines.

The opening was attended by the officials of faculty, head of divisions, head and secretary of programs in FIB. The museum also works as main material of Museology.

There were some museums opened in UNAIR, like Museum of Ethnography (FISIP) and Museum of Medicine in Faculty of Medicine (FK).

The museum is opened for public, especially students of UNAIR as an alternative medium to learning beside library and collection room in each faculty and program. (*)

Author : Ikhsan Rosyid and Yudi Wulung
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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