Various Speakers Discuss Future of Indonesia

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The speakers of Outlook 2017. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – To get a clear picture of Indonesian condition in 2017, Universitas Airlangga held “Outlook 2017: Improving Regional Administration Roles: To Maintain Economic Growth in the Global Uncertainty“, on Thursday, December 1, in Hotel Bumi, Surabaya.

There were four speakers in the discussion, East Java Governor Soekarwo, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Prof. Dr. Dian Agustia, S.E., M.Si., Ak, Professor of Political Studies Prof. Drs. Ramlan Surbakti, M.A., Ph.D, and a Doctor of Law UNAIR Dr. Harjono, S.H., M.CL.
Governor of East Java stated that at the moment, overseas market tends to be protective, therefore, the only way is expansion in domestic market.

“The economy is decided by consumption. To improve consumption, the income cannot be decreased. Second, investments decide. Investments from other countries create confusion as domestic investments are falling. Third, export import. Everything is being protective. One thing we can do is expanding the market in the country,” said Governor of East Java.

Regarding political situation, Prof. Ramlan stated that quality of democracy in Indonesia will not improve as long as the political parties do not change even though people overseas see Indonesia has stable political condition.

“Because Indonesian political party system ‘shares’. Everyone gets a ‘share’, he said. “This sharing system must be changed and the ones who decide are the political parties themselves. Now, will they change that,” he added.

Prof. Dian, in her presentation, stated that regional competitiveness should be improved to improve national competitiveness. Regional competitiveness will improve the quality of life and infrastructure development. Therefore, a concept to a competitive and independent region should be supported with clean administration.

“Clean bureaucracy will create sustainability government. E-government implementation can an alternative to support the clean administration bureaucracy,” said Dian.

One of the representatives of UNAIR Alumni Association Achmad Cholis Hamzah suggested the regions to watch overseas geopolitics condition.

“We must watch the USA and Europe geopolitics to make Indonesia able to get through the international territory,” he added.
Harjono, UNAIR Law expert appreciated the organization of Outlook 2017. “I appreciated technical things applicable with other studies relation,” he said.

Author: UNAIR News

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