Building Optimism and Positive Impressions of Indonesia

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Akhyari Hananto, the initiator of Good News From Indonesia (GNFI) movement, as the speaker in Public Communication Dialogue in Universitas Airlangga on Wednesday, November 30. (Photo: Dilan Salsabila)

UNAIR NEWS – The world’s population is 7.4 billion. 3.4 billion of them are active internet users. From that sum, 2.3 billion are social media users. In a day, people spend a third of their time averagely to access social media. It is the great impact of technological advancement which causes the information flows even faster and wider.

Akhyari Hananto, the initiator of Good News From Indonesia (GNFI) shared his knowledge on media development and the roles of public relations in education institutions. He was one of the speakers in Public Communication Dialogue held by Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) Universitas Airlangga on Wednesday, November 30 in Kahuripan Hall 300.

In response to information and communication massive flow, public relations is the forefront official in building universities’ reputations. Public relations is also expected to formulate strategy in packaging university excellence as an interesting product and publish it for the public.

“There are three keys of success for public relations. First, excellence identification. Second, market identification. Third, how to connect both of them through a great product packaging,” said Akhyari.

The public, in this information era have various and unlimited information choices. Various means are used to make product which attract public interests with interesting visuals and which is accessible, simple, delivering a profound message and youth friendly.

Building Optimism

The idea to initiate GNFI was from the anxiety Akhyari feels on Indonesia’s bad reputation caused by mainstream media. In his opinion, these media do not build optimism and inspire the people to expose great potentials Indonesia has when Indonesia is said to have a lot of great things to offer to the world.

“We have a long history, great nature, high culture, excessive number of art performance, cultural diversity. But not many people know about them. Not only the foreigners, but even Indonesian people also do not know this nation greatness,” he said.

Therefore he had an idea to promote potentials of Indonesia to be exposed in the public space. Since its establishment in 2009, there are a lot of media channels managed by GNFI, from its official page, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LINE. GNFI also produces digital and printed magazines. In national media scope, GNFI has programs and collaborate with three TV stations in Indonesia.

“I hope when people read, they will notice Indonesia, proud to be Indonesian, love Indonesia and also share Indonesian beauties to others. When our own people proud to be Indonesian, they would like to do something for Indonesia,” he said.

Through GNFI, he hoped the public know Indonesia more and proud to be a part of it. So, they can work innovate together for the nation’s advancement. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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