Sharia Capital Market Opens Opportunities

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One of the speakers, Ah. Azharuddin during presentation in the workshop, Saturday, November 26. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Sharia Economic Community (MES) in collaboration with IDX, KPEI and KSEI held a sharia capital market workshop (SPMS level 2). It was held in Fajar Hall  FEB UNAIR on Saturday November 26 and the theme was “Having a company is not a dream”. The event was a part of MES activities to publicize sharia economy.

The event attended y students, lecturers, businessmen, ICMI representatives and sharia finance institutions was opened by Dr. Imron Mawardi, SP.,M.Si as the Head of East java MES. There were three speakers in the workshop, Doddy Prasetya Ardhana from MES sharia capital market development division, Ah. Azharuddin Lathif from DSN-MUI, and Iman Widiyatma from MNC Sekuritas.

In his presentation, Doddy Prasetya illustrated the capital market as a supermarket. The investors are the customers, stock exchange as the seller and the issuer (state paper bond issuer) as the supplier. But sharia capital market is prioritized.

“There are 311 stocks in sharia stock list (DES) selected. The criteria of sharia product are the absence of MAGODIR, Maysir which means gamble, Gharar which means unclear status, and Riba,” said Doddy.

Meanwhile, Azharuddin Lathif viewed that business is a must and it is allowed by Islam. Sharia business is a part of Islam and it gets more popularity lastely as it is universal and fair.

“Islam does not ban banking, insurance and capital market. But defying operational methods should be adjusted to Islam. Not by erasing them brutally,” said Azharuddin who is also active in DSN-MUI.

The session was closed by Iman Widiyatma presentation on sharia online trading, from how to start an account and all regulations were explained.

Nurul Hidayah of the committee hoped that this event could introduce sharia capital market because general public only know the conventional one. (*)

Author : Siti Nur Umami
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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