Ready for Denali, WANALA Athletes Pull Tires and Train their Falling in Bromo

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The team is sledding in Bromo (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – The five members of Nature’s Lover Student Club (WANALA) Universitas Airlangga in Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDEx) team is training intensively for Denali Summit, Alaska, May 2017. They are training their physical and mental strength in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

To head of Denali Summit, Alaska, the USA well preparation will be needed. For 14 days from November 20 to December 4, they trained their climbing techniques hard in Bromo.

Roby Yahya, Head of AIDEx said, the training in bromo was included in pre-activities planned before heading for Denali. The objective is to prepare physic and mental for the worst scenarios faced in Denali. Prior to this training, the team also held a tryout in Mt. Arjuno-Welirang for eight days. It is one of the longest climb they have ever done.

Bromo has a vast sandy terrain with adequate depth of sand therefore they chose Bromo for training. There is also enough vegetation which is good enough to train various climbing techniques.

Interesting thing from the Denali expedition is the sled using as there are no porters in Alsaka. It makes the team have to carry their own stuff.

Tim sedang istirahat sejenak di kawasan Gunung Bromo (Sumber: Istimewa)
The team is taking a break in Bromo. (Photo: Special)

“For the sleds, we train by replacing sled with tire which weighs 15-20 kg,” said Roby.

Beside using sleds, they had to train to simulate their fall (self rescue). Self rescue training simulates their fall from six to ten meters of  height. When they let themselves fall, they are ready to stick their ice axe before they hit the ground.

There is also a simulation to walk over the snow with crampons, a set of metal spikes fastened to the soles for better traction on ice or snow, so they can walk well on the snow of Denali later.

“This training is done to train the ice climbing techniques because the sand terrain is similar with the snow. I think Bromo is the ideal place for AIDEx team training,” said  Yasak one of the AIDEx members.

Beside the ice climbing techniques, the five athletes of AIDEx WANALA UNAIR also had to train their physics, by hiking sprint for one hour. The sprint started from the base camp to point B-29 in Bromo summit and it is timed.

“Running on the sand is really heavy compared to running in the city. Maybe because the thick sand makes our steps heavier. Our run and the wind made the dust fly everywhere so it makes our throat uncomfortable. So we also prepared some mask,” said one of the AIDeX athletes of WANALA UNAIR, Septian Rio. (*)

Author : Wahyu Nur Wahid
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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