Folklore Field Study Introduces Cultural Arts to Youth

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Local art performance: Reog Bulqio in the yard of a house in Kemloko village, Blitar.

UNAIR NEWS – Field study (PKL) is a compulsory agenda for students in Universitas Airlangga. For Indonesian Literature Department UNAIR, it is also held annually especially for folklore class.

The field study held in Kemloko village, Nglegok Sub-district, Blitar has been held for four times. One of the lecturers of Indonesian Literature UNAIR  Drs. Tubiyono, M.Si., said that this field study is the right medium to introduce students to folklore tradition and the philosophy in it.

“I am sure that this current generation does not know that there are eleven macapat (Javanese traditional poetry), the philosophical values in them. Therefore, these kind of classes are needed,” he said.

PKL held on November 26 and 27, 2016 was stated with an assignment for students to explore the local folklores such as macapat. In the evening, students enjoyed the local art performances, from  Reog Bulqio, Jidor, Genjringan, and Serat Ambiyo reading. Before the performances, Tubiyono as the representative of UNAIR, expressed his deepest gratitude to all village officials and the locals. He also hoped that the values in the art performances can be useful for the students.

“I hope the students can enjoy and understand the philosophical values so they can have a vast knowledge. If they become leaders in the future, they will be firm and followed the foundations,” he said.

In presence of the locals, Tubiyono also emphasized that the art and cultures are the treasures to develop the nation. “Remember that these cultural arts are closely related to the diverse society,” he explained.

Representing the village official, Nasrodin also added that the traditional art performance should be preserved. He also explained that UNAIR visits to the village made the youth pay attention to the performances originated during the colonial period.

“Reog Bulqio, Jidor, Genjringan, and Sholawatan are special art performances which need to be preserved. Because of this collaboration, finally our kids willing to learn,” he said proudly.

From the student, Nadiyatul Adabiyyah admitted that it was her first time but it gave so many benefits for her. Beside experiences, she also knew more on Javanese culture especially in Blitar.

“A lot of benefits I got from this field study, beside knowing more the culture in Blitar, we also understand more the  traditional folklore,” she said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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