Time for Mental Health Treatment for Patients with Chronic Diseases in Hospital

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Two students of Nursing Master program FKp UNAIR teaching ‘five fingers’ technique to nurses to reduce anxiety/depression patients feel. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS –Mental health treatment should not only be applied in mental hospital (RSJ), but it is time for communities and general hospitals to do it. It is necessary as patients with chronic diseases also experience mental illnesses due to their condition, such as anxiety, stress, etc. With mental health treatment in general hospitals, patients will no longer feel depressions.

It was stated by Dr. Hanik Endang Nihayati, S.Kep. Ns., M.Kep, the Mental Health  Nursing Master program coordinator Faculty of Nursing (FKp). Therefore, it held a community service in PHC (Primasatya Husada Citra) Hospital Surabaya. There were 19 students of mental health nursing master program provided seminar and trainings to PHC Hospital’s nurses on psyhosocial treatment of patients with chronic diseases in hospital.

”This is our first community service, and it was held because our colleagues in Mental Hospital also agreed to shift the focus of trainings to focus on psychosocial in RSU,” said Dr. Hanik to unair.news.

The community service was expected to improve caring of nurses when providing services to the patients in general hospitals. For students, it could give positive impact to other elements, nurses or institutions, also improve quality and competence of master program graduates of FKp UNAIR.

AS we all know, the master program has four specified fields, mental health, community, medical surgery and management. It was the first batch of mental health field with 19 students. Master program of Fkp UNAIR has graduated nine batches and current students are 109 people.

In this mental health program, people usually oriented to psychiatry hospital but FKp UNAIR tried to develop nursing treatment in general hospitals. It is to improve caring and competence of nurses so they can also give caring treatments.

DIPANDU mahasiswa S2 Minat Jiwa FKp UNAIR, perawat RS PHC mempraktikkan relaksasi dengan teknik “lima jari”. (Foto: Bambang Bes)
Nurses of RS PHC practicing ‘five fingers’ technique supervised by master program students. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

”Looking at the problems faced by patients with chronic diseases in general hospitals, we tried to do the service to improve intellectuality by improving caring with psychosocial approach in general hospitals,” added Hanik.

Orientations in handling this mental illness are developed from three things. First, healthy individual can work productively again. Second, to prevent psychological illness to patients with chronic diseases with high risk of anxiety and depression. Third, patients with mental illness such as the ones in mental hospital will not have recurring illness.

”We take the high risked patients with chronic diseases, especially in general hospital, so they can have healthy mental state. So we are promoting that way,” added the lecturer of FKp UNAIR.

Why do the nurses become the targets? Because they make contacts directly with the patients, so they can teach the patients such as on how to relax to reduce the anxiety or depression with deep breathing technique and five fingers technique. This method is expected to reduce the anxiety caused by the chronic diseases.

”We hoped that after the training, the nurses can really apply it to the patients,” said Dr. Hanik Endang Nihayati, who added that after the community service in PHC, there will be more independent community service and one more which focuses on the risks. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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