Introducing Traditional Healing through BOTM

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Massage demo in BOTM by the students in ACC, on Sunday, November 27. (Photo: Faridah Hari)

UNAIR NEWS – For the first time, Traditional Healing Program (Battra) Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR held Battra On The Move (BOTM) in Airlangga Convention Center on Sunday, November 27. It was held to celebrate the program 11th anniversary. There was a yoga activity started at six and followed with a massage demo. The visitors can get free massage and acupuncture treatment by Battra students.

Edith Frederika Puruhito, SKM., M.Sc, as the Faculty Ambassador of Faculty of Vocational Studies  UNAIR said that this event was held to introduce the program of Traditional Healing UNAIR to the society.  She also said that people tend to consume instant food which is not good for health. Therefore, BOTM exists to remind them the importance of healthy life style.

“We promote healthy life style with natural way. It can be done through traditional herbal medicine or healthy food,” she said.

According to Edith, traditional healing is not less effective than conventional medicine. Indonesia has its herbal medicine known as jamu. It gives a lot of benefits to maintain health and prevent illness.

“Our bodies have immune system. Our immunity can be improved by drinking jamu. It can also be a complementary for the conventional medicine. But it works to prevent illnesses at first,” she said.

“From this activity we can share our knowledge on tips to live healthy and also get free consultation,” added Edith.

As planned, BOTM will be held annually as community service of  Battra program. She also hoped that in the future, Battra keeps holding events which promote healthy life style to improve quality of life also introduce the benefits and effectiveness of traditional healing to community.

The event was attended by general public from kids to adults. Ayu Mayasari as one of the therapists of acupuncture said that the visitors came with various health complaints. With acupuncture, the patients will receive treatment of acupuncture needles. This treatment is from China.

“In human body there is a flow of Qi energy, so if there is health complaint, the flow may be obstructed. These needles are inserted to points of the body to make Qi flow well,” explained Ayu. (*)

Author : Faridah Hari
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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