“Air Passion” Writing Competition in 34th Anniversary of HI

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A presentation from a participant (SMA) in Air Passion. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Air Passion (Airlangga International Relations Paper Competition) encouraged youngsters to express their view related to the latest issues on culture and globalization. Air Passion is an event held by International Relations program (HI) UNAIR to celebrate their 34th anniversary titled as WESTPHALIA (the Warmest Enactment of Social Tribute and Phenomenal Anniversary).

Air Passion was held on Friday, November 18 in Soetandyo Hall Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNAIR. The theme for this year’s Air Passion is “Identity Crisis and Globalization: Re-actualization and Improvement of Indonesian Culture” was pursuant to the big  theme of  WESTHAPHALIA, “Global Cultural”.  Air Passion was held to encourage Indonesian youth, especially aged 16-25 to think critically and analyze cultural issues and provide solutions to them in the globalization era.

“As the big theme for this year’s anniversary is about culture, we looked for interesting sides to discuss and connect them with globalization which corrodes Indonesian cultural identity and sense of belonging,“ said Noviawati Lesmana as the Head of Air Passion committee.

From all essays submitted for the competition, there were 15 best essays qualifying for the presentation session in Air Passion main event. “We selected online essays from August to October and 15 were chosen for presentation,” said Tara Wardhani of the committee. The selected participants were from senior high school and college students from Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gajah Mada, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Universitas Negeri Surabaya and Universitas Airlangga.

In the event, the lecturer of HI UNAIR Joko Susanto, S.IP., M.Sc also presented a topic on globalization which then used as a topic for participants’ Focus Grup Discussion (FGD) to find strategic solutions for Indonesia in facing the identity crisis and globalization.

Among the fifteen qualifying teams, the winners were Yoko (UNAIR) in the first place, Radityo Akbar (UNAIR) and Irena Lucy (Universitas Indonesia) for the second place and Yoshica and Sada (UNAIR) as the third place. The Most Passionate (Superlative Award) went to Lucia and Hanun from SMAN 11 Surabaya.  All winners got money prize, trophies and journals of International Relations. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor    : Faridah Hari

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