IDSC, International Event to Find Ideas on Financial Stability

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One of the participants during presentation on Financial Stability. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS  ̶  Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga held call for paper event and  Internasional Development Student Conference (IDSC), on Monday, November 21. Last year, it was still at national level, but this year it is at international level.

This IDSC had a theme, “Realizing the ASEAN Financial Stability Amidst Global Economic System Dynamics”. Financial sector vulnerability which was higher than the non-financial sector was the background of the need to study financial stability in ASEAN Economic Community era.

“There are a lot of conferences on MEA, efforts to face MEA. But IDSC was focused on financial stability as financial sector is volatile and interesting to study,” explained Zakka Farisy, the Head of the committee who is also a student in Islamic Economics.

Para Juara Call for Paper IDSC 2016 dalam Awarding Night di Aula Fajar FEB UNAIR

The winners of Call for Paper IDSC 2016 in an Awarding Night in Fajar Hall FEB UNAIR (Photo: Special)

Call for paper event was followed by any students from many universities in Indonesia or overseas. From all the participants, 15 teams were chosen to present their ideas. Three of them were from other countries Nina Greig-Towers from Australia, Sinatrya Shrestha from Nepal, and Valencia Joshua Brent S from the Philippines.

On the second day, Tuesday, November 22, the presentations were in English. The audiences showed some appreciation for the participants’ English. Furthermore, the ideas proposed were varied and creative.

“Various ideas on financial stability were presented. One of the ideas was to establish new same currency. It was believed to be able to stabilize financial condition between countries,” said Adindha, one of the audiences.

The next day, Wednesday, November 23, the participants went on a tour to Bromo to see the sunrise. They did not only go sightseeing but they also made new friends. The day before, they had introduced their cultures in the welcoming party.

After the field trip, the committee and the participants held an awarding night in Fajar Hall FEB UNAIR. The winners for the paper competition were announced. Ajeng Pratiwi’s team from Universitas Negeri Jember was the first winner. Iqbal Makbul Taher’s team from Universitas Indonesia was the second winner, while the third winner was the team of Mohammad Zeqi Yasin from Universitas Airlangga. There was an award for Best Delegate won by Muhammaf Mulfi from Universitas Brawijaya, Best Speaker for Rahmah Yulia from Universitas Airlangga, and Best Paper was for the team of Fajriansyah Hendra from Institut Pertanian Bogor.

With the end of the awarding night, Zakka Farisy hoped that this activity can be a prime mover of international level activities in Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) and supported the vision of Universitas Airlangga to reach 500 World Class University.(*)

Author: Siti Nur Umami
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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