UNAIR Nutrition Students Hold Diabetes Prevention Seminar

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Blood test in the national seminar. (Photo: Disih Sugianti)

UNAIR NEWS – Prevalence rate of obesity in developing countries is quite high. Based on Basic Medical Research 2013, obesity reached 62%. It became a global attention as people with obesity have great risk to chronic diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer.

From the relevant topic, Nutrition Student Association (AMAZI) Faculty of Public Health (FKM), Universitas Airlangga, held a national nutrition seminar, “Keep Nutrition Balanced, Prevent Diabetes Attack”, on Sunday, November 20, in Kahuripan Hall, Management Office Building UNAIR.

There were three speakers, Indonesian Ministry of Health Directorate of Public Health, R. Giri Wurjandaru who presented a topic of Balance Nutrition Supply, Diabetes Metabolic Endocrine Consultant,  Hermina Novida, dr., SpPD, K-EMD, FINASIM, with Diabetes Mellitus Prevention and also a lecturer of UNAIR Nutrition Studies as well as UNAIR Hospital Nutrition Consultant Dr. Merryana Adriani, SKM., M.Kes. with a presentation on Diabetes Mellitus Patient Diet. Beside three speakers, there as Director of  PT. Prima Citra Nutrindo Ludy Andang who gave a tutorial on cooking food for patients of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.

“High obesity prevalence rate is related closely to eating habit. It is affected by environment. Established eating habit is difficult to be educated. All of that causes diabetes mellitus. There are a lot of activities like researches, community services which have been done by FKM UNAIR to handle diabetes mellitus,” Merry said.

Beside a seminar, there was also an anthropometric test to see the fat level, calories to consume, also blood sugar level test. Based on the test, there are 5 out of 50 participants with prediabetic blood sugar level, 140-199 mg/dL.

In the end of the seminar, Ludy made various diet recipe for DM type 2 patients. Ludy made a snack from salad assisted by Nutrition students from  STIKES Widya Cipta Husada Malang.

The seminar was participated by 250 participants. They were not only from UNAIR, but also from Universitas Brawijaya, Universitas Hang Tuah, STIKES Widya Cipta Husada, Poltekkes Kemenkes Surabaya, Politeknik Negeri Jember, and Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember. There were also senior high school students who won the poster contest, SMAN 2 Pare (First winner), SMAN 16 Surabaya (Second winner), SMAN 1 Trenggalek (Third winner), and MAN Lamongan (Favorite).

Author: Disih Sugianti
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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