Ravana and Rama to Fight at UNAIR

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Rama, Sita, and Ravana during rehearsal in Student Center. (Photo: UKM UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS –  Rama will take his wife back, Sita, from Ravana. Rama will also ask Hanuman’s help to send a letter to Sita that he will soon save her.

It was a part of the story of the epic play performance in Pagelaran Airlangga Specta 2016 held in November 24, 2016 in Airlangga Convention Center UNAIR. In the show, Rama’s struggle to take Sita’s back will be performed well. According to Ibrahim Baridwan as the actor playing Rama, the story to be performed was inspired by a novel written by Sudjiwo Tedjo.

“The performance is titled Rahvayana, inspired by Sudjiwo Tedjo’s novel title Rahvayana. It tells about the story of Ramayana but from a different point of view, Ravana’s point of view,” said Ibrahim.

Casting was also done to find the players for this epic play performance. It was held on November 9 in Student Center (SC). Eleven players were chosen. Scriptwriter and Director is Bryan Ahmad Affan Lubis, a member of Drama club UNAIR.

Pagelaran Specta 2016 is an end of year performance for 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga initiated by  Communication Forum of UKM UNAIR and also Student Executive Board (BEM) UNAIR. Pagelaran Airlangga Specta  2016 will also show other UNAIR students’ talents as there is also band Festival, UNAIR Ambassador Contest and Bazaar.

So, do not miss Airlangga Spekta 2016 on November 24, 2016 held in Airlangga Convention Center, Campus C UNAIR at 10.00.

Author  : Faridah Hari
Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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