Collaborates with UNAIR, Pokphand Ready to Give Scholarships

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President Director of PT Chaeron Pokphand Indonesia Thomas Effendy (left) receiving a souvenir from UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih in Plenary Room, Management Office Building, Thursday, November 17.

UNAIR NEWS–Universitas Airlangga was visited by Lembaga Karya Pokphand (LKP), Thursday, November 17. The visit was made for the MoU signing session related to some collaboration. The meeting of both institutions was held in Plenary Room, Management Office Building, Campus C, UNAIR.

The collaboration established will be in education, research, community service and scholarship awarding through Lembaga Karya Pokphand University Scholarship Program.

The MoU was attended by LKP Head and President Director of PT Chaeron Pokphand Indonesia Thomas Effendy, and LKP officials, UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA, and other officials.

Prof. Nasih said that UNAIR and Pokphand shared similar vision which is to create nations’ intellectuals.

“We have similar missions. Our mission to collaborate with Pokphand is to support us in creating nation’s intellectuals,” Prof. Nasih said during speech.

In the occasion Prof. Nasih explained that the collaboration does not stop at giving scholarship. “It was agreed that we will send our students to hold their internship (PKL) or even KKN in Pokphand. So UNAIR students can learn the practical skills in Pokphand, said the professor of FEB UNAIR.

Similar to Prof. Nasih, Thomas Effendy added that if the scholarship program runs well and brings great benefits, the quota may be increased.

As planned,  LKP will collaborate with 10 universities in Indonesia, including UNAIR. So far, there are 5 universities already in agreement with LKP. From those 10 universities there will be 220 students awarded scholarships.

“We will focus to students who are economically disadvantaged, so we focus with their financial issues. We will fund their education until graduation,” said Thomas. “We want them to have clear resolve to study. So we want to help them but they should also work hard in their studies,” he added.

After graduation, we will not oblige them to work with us. But, the scholarship awardees will be prioritized if they want to work in Pokphand. “After graduation, there will be no obligations to us, they can work anywhere they want. But if they want to join us, we will prioritize them,” said Thomas.

Regarding the requirements for Pokphand scholarship, Prof. Nasih explained they are awarded to students who conduct researches especially the ones with potential benefits to solve society’s problem, and possible for downstream production.

“In the future, we will encourage the students to conduct researches and studies. So they can finish their job well as there are a lot of students stuck in their theses,” explained Prof. Nasih.

“There used to be some before, but not in a massive scale, of course the researches should work on solving problems in the society or possible for downstream production,” he said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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