FK UNAIR Alumni Determined to Build Floating Hospital

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Illustration: Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga floating hospital

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian healthcare service in outer islands is still poor. The root of the problem is poor distribution of medical resources and difficult access to reach the remote areas. Therefore, FK UNAIR through its alumni initiated a floating hospital development as KRI dr. Soeharso.

It is no longer a plan, FK UNAIR is currently ordering a Pinisi ship. The design is not as great as KRI dr. Soeharso, but the floating hospital will symbolize FK UNAIR concerns and seriousness in providing healthcare service for the residents in remote areas.

The ship 27 m in length and 7 m in width, will be ready next February. It was stated by the Head of IKA-FK UNAIR Dr. Pudjo Hartono, dr., Sp.OG(K) in a symposium titled Adventure and Remote Medicine, in FK UNAIR Hall on November 15.

Pudjo informed that the ship is still being built. There will be an operating theatre, oxygen bank and other facilities in the ship. The ship will cost Rp 5 billion to provide healthcare service in underprivileged areas, borders and outer islands.

This hospital operational system is under management of Ksatria Medika Airlangga Foundation presided by Christriyogo Sumartono, dr., Sp., An. KAR. Pudjo hoped that the foundation can support the operation so it could give professional and responsible service to the residents.

The foundation is still discussing the operation areas. It could be among small islands between Java or other small islands in eastern part of Indonesia.

When the ship is operational, Pudjo will make sure it follows the regulations of each region. “It doesn’t mean that we work by ourselves, then neglect the public healthcare center (puskesmas) in the area. We will follow the existing regulations and system in the area, coordinate with the healthcare center so we can advance together,” he said.


In the symposium, Agus Hariyanto, dr., Sp.B., alumnus of FK UNAIR and the initiator of floating hospital, shared his experience as an adventurer doctor in Maluku.

In Maluku, there are 1,040 islands. There are 400 islands inhabited and only 6 islands with hospital. It is a terrible condition. “Furthermore, there was a case in Lirang island, Kabupaten Southwest Maluku  Daya, Maluku. Because of the poor facilities there, a patient with anal caner had to be treated in Timor-Leste,” he said.

In Lirang Island, there are a lot of malnutrition cases, hydrocephalus and also pale faces children and malaria. “When I ask the kids, who have had malaria, all of them raising their hands. I felt concerned with them.

He often felt concerned with the locals when he was trying to help them. He even rented a boat so that he could go to the remote areas and visit the residents of Maluku small islands for two weeks.

His dream to have a floating hospital to help people in remote areas was supported by other alumni of FK UNAIR. Agus with other alumni have determined to build a floating hospital and it is currently built.

Author: Sefya Hayu I.
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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