UNAIR Floating Hospital Ready to Provide Healthcare Service in Remote Areas

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The panel in the symposium of floasting hospital in FK UNAIR, Tuesday, November 15. Agus Hariyanto, dr., SpB (the furthest right), and the floating hospital design(on the right). (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. It has 17,504 big and small islands, and people live on 6,000 of them, including on developing areas, borders, and remote islands (DTPK). The poor of public health service affects most of DTPK areas. So, no wonder that Indonesian living in border area tends to get medical service on neighboring countries. This situation is also a threat to justice.

To bring about changes, Faculty of Medicine(FK) alumni have determined to develop floating hospital on Pinisi boat. The floating hospital is being developed like a cruise ship. The Rp 5 billion floating hospital will provide health services to people on DTPK areas. The floating hospital will be operated by Ksatria Medika Airlangga Foundation.

FK UNAIR held symposium titled “Adventure and Remote Medicine” at FK’s college on Tuesday, November 15. The symposium officially opened by UNAIR’s rector was also attended by Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., Sp.U (K), representatives of faculties of medicine in Indonesia, and alumni of FK UNAIR.  This symposium was also a part of 62nd Anniversary of UNAIR.

There were six speakers in this event,  alumnus of FK UNAIR and who initiated floating hospital Agus Hariyanto, dr., Sp.B, Director of Primary Health Service on Ministry of Health Gita Maya Koemara Sakti, dr., MHA, Director of Basic Social Service on Ministry of Rural Development and Developing Areas Hanibal Hamidin, dr., M.Kes., Director of RSAL Surabaya who is also experienced on KRI dr. Soeharso Laksamana TNI Dr. IDGN Nalendra J.I., dr., Sp.B., Sp.BTKV (K), The Head of Health Agency East Java Province Dr. Kohar Hari Santoso, dr., Sp.An (K), and The Head of Alumni Association FK UNAIR Dr. Pudjo Hartono, dr., Sp.OG (K).

Rector of UNAIR Prof. Nasih, in his opening speech, appreciated the idea of floating hospital. He imagined the great impact from the floating hospital developed. He was dazzled by the design and plan. He especially moved by sentence “UNAIR Mengarungi Samudera untuk Selamatkan Anak Bangsa” written on the hull.

“This is a hope, wish and a noble cause. We have to support plan and make it happen. Also, we have to coordinate that good intention very well and proportionally,” Rector said.

He admitted that Indonesia has high disparity as reported by Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Soetojo. Rector said that number of doctors in Indonesia are enough, but they are not well-distributed around Indonesia. He added, Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) is still accumulated in Java. Only 30 percent GDRP is produced outside Java.

“Here, we have to solve its problem on infrastructure, economic and human resource development. Human Development Index (HDI) score of Indonesia is average, but on DTPK areas are poor. If there is problem on province’s border, surely there are also some problems on state’s border,” Prof. Nasih said.

The fifth principle of Pancasila is the purpose of developments of Indonesia. So, developments must be implemented coherently to public needs on particular area. Rector assumes, medical staff with high competency will made Indonesia reach development goals, especially on basic and health primary services.

“If we are not paying attention to them, it will threaten our development. I worry that our Founding Father’s purposes cannot be reached. So, knowledge that we have must be applied in order to reach Indonesian’s welfare and justice,” Rector said.

Author: Bambang Bes

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